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?I hope that john teleports to Sarah and heals her but I don't remember if he ever saw 8 use that ability.

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Joanne Neal
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Whitty Tarbox I think Sarah is dead. Eight was a main character, and the love of Marina. He died. And look what happened to her, the anguish and guilt and pain she felt, manifested itself into a new Legacy. If Sarah truly is dead (and I think she is) her death will cause John the same pain (if not more) than what Marina felt. That pain finally giving him the strength, courage, and resolve to win this war. Possibly manifesting a brand new Legacy never discovered on Lorien or in any of the other books. Setrakus Ra is still alive, guaranteed. The Garde have thrown everything they have at him and lost many companions because of it. John might develop a brand new Legacy or learn to create them and have it be the one thing that can "kill this fucker". Just a thought. But yeah Sarah is dead... Way dead... Don't want her to be, but that's just how I believe it is.
Anna Smith if you remember, Eight could only teleport to locations that a loric stone was, therefore Four could only teleport there if there was a loric stone there.
p.s sorry couldn't remember the correct word for loric stones...
Antje But if Sarah or Mark had any Legacies, whether they had already developed or not, they would have been in that vision or whatever it was with all the others. There's no way no one would have noticed her and even if they hadn't she would have mentioned it after. Following that logic I doubt she has any legacies
Elena The Entity showed all of the Garde a map of the world with the new Loralite stones that they could use to transport without the Legacy! Even if his Ximic helped him get the Legacy, he could use the stones to get farther.
Marcus Yarborough I did see eight use the teleport legacy, but six comments that she knows that Sarah is gone when she stops talking.. during the vision that they all had with Ella and Legacy; they found out that there are multiple places that any of them can teleport to using the Lorilite stones around the world... I am afraid that something will happen to Sam and the John and Six will hookup.
Saied Ali I don't think he'll be able to teleport quite that far but I doubt Sarah's gonna die...maybe this is what had to happen to awaken her own "legacy" whatever it is?
Weston Remember in the Rise of Nine when Nine and John meet up with Ella, Marina, and Eight, Eight is teleporting all over the place. So it's likely that John will be able to teleport in the future. But Eight wasn't able to teleport that far so I doubt John will be able to save her. )-;
Lea Kim Exactly what i was thinking! I really hope he can teleport to sarah so he can save her and marina..
Christopher Minicucci The legacy is called Ximic Legacy. And it was confirmed when he used Daniela's petrifying vision legacy.
Lulee Morelos I was thinking that exact same thing! Because you never know if Four really has the legacy that allows him to copy and trade Legacies, I forgot what it was called though....
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Fizza omg yeah that could happen! i didnt even think of that! orrrrr maybe Sarah isnt dead after all? maybe she only passed out from the pain or smthng
Cassie But what about the fact that "the entity" or "legacy" and Ella didn't grab Sarah on the little human garde meeting? Did all the Lorien garde not see Sarah there or have we not gotten the full picture? Maybe John will teleport to her but unless that was purposefully left open ended, Sarah probably won't develops legacies.
Edward Choi In the start of Rise of Nine, it says that "it helps to have someone that can teleport and turn invisible". 8 probably grabbed 6 while she was invisible, grabbed someone else and teleported. Which means John probably teleported too.
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