Hilly asked:

so, having read the comments on this book and understood that the basis is to spen an hour first thing in the morning on meditation & exercise (physical, spiritual and mental/creative) can anyone tell me if I REALLY need to buy the book?

Stefano Understanding is not enough. Since you wrote this comment, have you implemented the routine? I've started reading 4 days ago and 50% through, I've woken up at 6:20 every day and feeling awesome! I would recommend you read the book. There may be some parts you can skip if you are familiar with the practices, but read all of the beginning of the book.
Marc Evans Knowing something logically and knowing something emotionally are two very different things. We all know what to do logically, this book helps turn it into emotional action. Plus, the accountability of a community is an added bonus.
Olga Barasoain I find that he puts a lot of key tips that are not so obvious ... I loved the audio much better than the book form.

Has made a huge impact and I am already very motivated and disciplined, but this took it to a new level as I am nocturnal by nature.

Good luck.
Rose Moore Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. I actually found the book itself very negative and de-motivating, although I have done this kind of morning self-development routine for years! Watch some videos of YouTubers talking about what they do in the morning, assess your own morning routine, read up on the benefits of meditation, affirmation, visualization and journaling, and you'll be just fine without reading this particular book. Good luck on your journey!
Mariano You understand right, but you are missing the context. It's really worth to buy the book and read it. I have been practicing miracle morning for almost 2 years now and it changed my life!
Dawn Hadley Buy the book! Join the community. If you don't want to buy the book, borrow it from your library...but however you ingest it Get the book!
Gladys Landing-Corretjer Dear Hilly,
I just saw your question. I finished reading the book yesterday. The best answer I can give you, in case if you have not read it yet is: if you are totally satisfied with the way you live, and have mastered all of your goals; do not read the book. If you are not satisfied, then read it and implement it the advice. You have nothing to loose!
Jeremie Question is: do you do very well already every one of the 6 activities (do you get already strong benefits from each)? And do you do all of them every morning by yourself? If not, I think you could really benefit from reading it.

I've been practicing MM for 3 months (from youtube videos on MM, personal knowledge after reading for a few years personal dev books) before I started reading the book.

First, it's the first time ever, I've ever managed to set up a routine for more than a week/month and stick to it (even on weekends), so the routine in itself is HIGHLY beneficial, it's a blessing really, and it makes a huge lot of sense. Combining many different methods i've seen before together in a complete, thorough life enriching habit.

Then, the book convinced me on the value of doing all activities every morning, and provides many tips on all different activities.
I was doing poorly some of those (affirmation for example), and tended to skip them since I couldn't see any benefit. Now I see it as one of the most powerful activities.

So I would really recommend people to get it.
Nick The book is only 100 pages and the routine is much much more than just meditation and exercise. Read the book.
Fuad Efendi Your brain will be working while reading this book each morning, enriching the book content 1000x times. I read it, even though I already implemented (partially) my morning ritual last year.
Kosta If you don't want to buy the book, you can always borrow it from a library, read it for yourself, and see if it's a book you want to invest in.
Janée I am currently reading this book. I borrowed it from my library so I'm happy with getting the information. Between work, college, & family in the hospital the content been helping me to start my days off on the right side of the bed.
I would recommend reading it, but not necessarily buying it. There's a lot of good information, but you probably won't NEED to re-read it on a regular basis. A library borrow should be sufficient.
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