Goodreads asked Eric Landreneau:

How do you deal with writer’s block?

Eric Landreneau Same way I deal with leapin' leprechauns in leotards - I ignore them, becaus ethey don't exist. If you complain of writer's block, you're possibly a schlub, or more likely you're aproaching the problem all wrong.

I think that writer's block usually isn't block at all. You know what you want to say, you know the story you want to tell. What's blocking you is that you want to say it well, and you can't figure out an intelligent, beautiful, awe-inspiring, poetic way to say it.
Solution, don't try to be awesome. Write it down in simple, stupid lingo and move on.

Trying to write well is like trying to be funny - painful to the audience and a misdemeanor in several states. If you get hung up on TRYING to write well, you'll never get through a first draft. Blurt it out and then go back and fix it. Good witing and inspired strings of words will come along the way. Somewhere down the line you'll find a voice, a theme, a line, something that will steer you through your successive drafts, and the words will start to flow.

On a similar note: INSIPIRATION!
Another fantasy.
Some people have the notion that they need to stare at a blank page or go through rituals or sit on the couch eating potato chips until inspiration strikes. That's wrong. You'll just write nothing and get fatter. Inspiration will strike while you are writing. Get started, clock in, punch the keys. hammer out words. Dumb words, clunky words, words that just do the work. let poetry come in when you feel it, when the words line up. inspiration will hit. The words will flow, but YOU have to tun on the tap. Sometimes you even have to operate a manual hand-pump for a bit.

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