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AmberBug com* asked Scott Hawkins:

Please tell me the next book will be horror/fantasy!? I loved the dark comedy feel to Mount Char and found it so unique. I would also be interested in something techy, I see that you have written some coding language books. Will something along those lines be in future works?

Scott Hawkins Hi Amberbug,

Oddly, yes. That's very close to what I'm working on now. I don't like to talk too much about what I'm working on (I'm in the "all of a book should go on the page" camp) but in general terms, yes, it will be a good bit more techy, at least in spots.

I think pretty much everything I ever write is going to have a certain amount of fantasy to it. It's just the way my head works. I'm probably not ever going to do a full on hard SF book (like Greg Bear or someone like that) because I get enough of that in my day job. But the next book is shaping up to have a good bit more real world physics in it than this one did. Probably there will also be some more made up stuff too, but not as much.

The twitter-sized synopsis is that it's "Mike Hammer (or some noir detective) investigates a school shooting that may have been perpetrated by Peter Pan." That's the starting point I've been working from, but I've noticed that these things tend to shift a little in the course of writing them.

I can also more or less guarantee dark comedy. I spend 12h a day typing in my basement surrounded by dogs. It's laugh or go nuts.

Anyway, thanks for the question and glad you liked Mount Char.


edit: Almost forgot the horror part of your question - you know, I've been surprised by how many people tend to think of Mount Char as a horror story. I underestimated just how strongly the darker elements (the bull, Margaret) would color people's perception of the book. I'll probably use horror-y images on an as-needed basis in the next one as well, but I honestly couldn't begin to guess how much of an impact that will have on how people see it. I've apparently got a blind spot for that.

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