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Delilah Williams asked Delilah Jean Williams:

How did you come up with the idea to use prairie dogs for the aliens in your book to use for their Earth mission disguise?

Delilah Jean Williams In my story, prairie dogs are the only remaining species of wildlife to survive the harsh environment on a dying Earth after most of the human population has relocated to Mars.
Prairie dogs are social creatures that live in big family units in underground burrows. They are sentient animals that communicate with each other in a language that rivals the sophistication of dolphins and they are ecologically vital to the survival of dozens of other birds and animals. Yet, they have been decimated down to 2 percent of their original population that once numbered in the millions across their 11-state range. It was done primarily through the use of government sanctioned management policies that allowed poisoning and shooting practices. The prairie dog epitomizes a species that should be protected, but deep-pocked special interests groups, ranchers, landowners and developers prefer to take the easy way out and kill them rather than use available humane options. It was this backdrop that made it easier to use all the associated elements of corruption, greed, profit, morality, and ultimately enlightenment as the advantages of human and animal coexistence prove to be Earth’s ultimate salvation.

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