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I read this as a kid, an abridged version of around 150 pages, how is it like reading the unabridged version? Is it a quick, well-paced read? Please advice.

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Nich I haven't read the abridged version so I can't say what all you're missing out on by just reading that but, I assume you're probably missing out on a lot. The original is very long but, to me, it's completely worth it. Much of the really awesomeness of Dickens' (and any good classic/gothic writer) comes in the 700th page or so. That's just my opinion. But it's hard for me to imagine that anyone could successfully summarize the 500 pages of brilliance into a quarter the length.

The overall plot is very complex and drawn out over a long period of time. It took me a couple of months to read the book but that helped me understand how much time was passing in the book. The length of the book adds to the development of the characters. I read this book when I was about 15 and even though I live in a completely different world from Pip's character, it was one of the first times that I really related to a character and felt as though I knew him or as though I could have been him. That might sound weird but what I really mean is that there is a lot of worth in this book and I would definitely recommend reading the original.
George Loch With any of Dickens' works, his mastery of word craft, thematic staging and engaging characters are much more enriched in the unabridged. The pacing of character development and story structure are pleasing and provide timely motivation. I can't imagine one word lost from the narrative being anything other than a loss.
Farseer That depends. If you are enjoying it it flows quite easily. It seemed well-paced to me. However, if you don't enjoy it it probably feels long.
William McKenna No, it is not quick. I didn't think it was well-paced either. It's written for magazines, so the pacing was intended for readers getting it in installments, not for one huge novel. Also, i felt like there was quite a bit of filler. I would have preferred the abridged version.
Amanda Bassett The abridged version of this is the first chapter book I ever read! It was a little stout square book with pictures in it. I loved it, but once I got around to the real thing, while the story is the same, there's so much more to it. It's quite long, and there is a lot missing from the abridged version that is quite beautifully put in the unabridged version.
Frododash I would say that the book is definitely not a quick read. That being said, I think that the overall book was well paced and I really enjoyed it.
Sandip Baidya I'm reading it currently and I've found it to be quite well paced. Also this book is different from the other classics. I find it easier to read and understand and there's something about it that keeps me going. Otherwise, I am someone who's left a lot of classics halfway because they require a lot of seating and patience and sometimes the story becomes boring. This one's a gem though
Sally I am also reading this book for the second time. It was one of my favorite reads in high school and felt it was time to revisit! I had no idea that what I read in 1971 was an abridged version, but now that I'm into the unabridged, I realize that it must have been. That being said, I am thrilled to get to see all the depth of Dickens writing which is even more brilliant that I perceived over 40 years ago. Slow and steady wins the read! Worth every minute in my opinion!
Huck Flynn It is a masterpiece. If your expectations of literature are for a quick read stay away from Dickens, there are plenty of good lightweight books on the market. For me it is well paced in covering the important development of a young hero through some amazing lessons in life and society and universal themes that can't simply be summarised or dumbed down. Treat it as an experience that you don't want to end rather than a quick thrill.
Helen Unless you enjoy long books, I would recommend sticking to the abridged copy. Some authors have lots of potent quotes, but this book had almost none.
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