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Can someone please tell me why they like this book, i am currently reading this book and i am having trouble getting into it. I like BDSM and dark erotica but i just can't get into this book plus the fact that there is no consent make me uncomfortable to even consider this book BDSM?

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Midnight Muldoon This was one of the reasons I got into the lifestyle. I live as a slave 24/7. I have been to kink events all over the east coast. I am a BDSM titleholder for my region (Northeast Power Exchange), and I have met a ton of folks who either loved this series or hated it.

This book, and the series was my "Ah ha" moment. This was more years ago than I would like to admit, when I was under the age of 18. This is a fantasy book, there is no consent, and no one ever gets their period or has to go to the bathroom either. For me this book helped plant seeds that later blossomed into fantasies and eventual fetishes. Abduction, fear play, rape play, slavery, pony play... This may just not have your personal kinks in it. There are so many erotic books to choose from now that there is something for everyone. This just may not be it for you.
Kenny Well let's start with this, no where in the books, has anyone said they're practicing BDSM. So your BDSM argument is invalid.

Secondly, seperate the reality we live in from the reality in these books. In the books, the characters are real slaves. They're not pretending to submit or pretending to be slaves. They simply ARE slaves. And slaves have no right, or consent to give.

So I think this should answer your question?
Ashliegh I do not know much about BDSM but during the role playing you don't talk about being BDSM or being a slave. you just are so they do not say this is BDSM or they are role playing as slaves. I see it as this is a just a lifestyle of these characters. I do not know but I think everyone is getting too into rather or not it is rape, if you don't like it just stop reading it. For me, it is a coping mechanism.
read_by_fatima The way I look at it is this, the setting of the story is a medieval fairy like time (all fantasy) it talks about enchantments powerful kingdoms and great beauties therefore one can't really think of it as factual real life like but on the same light I imagine there is a faint possibly acts of this nature could have happened in the past. Possibly the beginning of prostitution or some dark beginning of BDSM again Im not saying that is what happened but there is a change for a faint resemblance to real life. I for one enjoy the writing I enjoy the use of wording and the way scenes are described it truly has sparked my interest to this type of literature due to my body's and mind's response to it. I try to keep in mind it is a take on a fairy tale and simply not real but I still allow myself to enjoy it.
Helsic 伊明海 I didn't like it at all. I also find BDSM interesting and exciting but the characters in the novel are just plain and boring. Also there is not real plot apart from the endless spanking... so it's very predictable.
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