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When the arresting officer takes the fifth amendment and cannot be cross examined by the defense, and the court stenographer makes a record of 33,000 errors in her submitted transcription then also takes the fifth so defense cannot cross examine her, don't these facts, in and of themselves, require a new trial for the defendant? On what grounds could the court deny her a new trial?

Natalie The Fifth Amendment that is granted to every citizen of this country was used wisely by Patterson. Obviously you have not a clue how the Judicial system works. Mulder falsely accused Patterson of "committing a federal felony, a conspiracy, a plot". Of which, Patterson replied, "If you're saying that I violated some state or federal law, then I'm not going to answer until I have legal counsel."...rightly so! The other half of the story that you're either purposely omitting or just ignorant to it's fact is that Darlie Kee and Darin Routier sued the City of Rowlett/Patterson for wire tapping a public cemetery. On March 28, 2001, The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, in short, "that there is no expectation of privacy in a publicly accessible cemetery."...ruling in Patterson's favor. For more information on this subject Google KEE v. CITY OF ROWLETT TEXAS there's tons of info there. Had the Courts sided with Darlie Kee and Darin Routier then that testimony could have been used for whatever purposes Darlie's attorney wanted it for....what this has to do with evidence though is beyond me.

Sandra Halsey plead the Fifth as a protected arm of the Judicial process. However, she too had her day in court.

So the answer is NO, as these points you mention have been remedied by the courts and have no bearing on the little detail called EVIDENCE. And if this was not a resolved issue within the Judicial system wouldn't common sense dictate that lawyers and various 'rights' groups would be jumping on this bandwagon? Instead, it seems the only people making issue with this are those in the Darlie support camp.
Brenda Irish Heintzelman Patrick - Darlie had her trial. She was able to present whatever evidence she wanted to. She was able to face her accuser. She was able to testify in her own defense. She was able to sit there and and holler out that the prosecutor was a "LIAR!" (probably not the smartest move on her part). The evidence was clear; Darlie is guilty. The court was even nice enough to grant her request to change the location of the trial.
Miz Billi None of the above proves her innocent. She is so guilty that anyone with a brain (and not in love with the murderess) can see that. All DNA has shown no intruder. Her letters from jail stating she knew who it was, saw them and would soon tell. Lie, lie, lie after lie. It's just so ridiculous that anyone believes her to be innocent. If they only had a brain.
Bernard It doesn't matter that Mulder accused Patterson of "committing a federal felony, a conspiracy, a plot" ALSO it doesn't matter that Darlie Kee and Darin Routier sued the City of Rowlett/Patterson for wire tapping a public cemetery, nor does it matter what the verdict to that lawsuit was. These are irrelevant to Patterson and Frosch pleading the 5th. By pleading the fifth, they denied the defense the right to question Patterson and Frosch.
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