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Oh, those slow starts are so hum drummy to got through. That's usually why I throw in the towel. How many chapters in before you were grabbed? And, I wonder why it seemed slow to start out - too much setting description? or historical prior knowledge set up? What do you think? Just curious. . ;-)

Cathy Slow to start? I didn't read it that way. The Indians arrive and turmoil erupts on page 15. This is a book for 'young' people so the type is big and there aren't many words on a page. Perhaps you're thinking of a different book?
Jen-Jen215 this book was read to me in class and I am a very big bookie. even though I am in grade school. the beginning was a little slow at first but I didn't find it that boring. I think she WAS just trying to introduce characters. I love reading about back in the old days and about different cultures.
Joy Bakken Hi Shari! I think it was just that the author used the first few chapters to develop the characters. It was worth the read, though. I haven't read any other book that better illustrated what life was like for the Seneca Indians.
Priscilla King I wonder whether you were like me as a child--turned off by the vague airbrushed drama of the opening, where the adults are killed and the children marched across the mountains to be sold as slaves, because you felt that the "good" parts were the less melodramatic parts where Molly learns Seneca culture and bonds with her foster family.

In grade two I was turned off by the way this book begins with a war story--I never understood or liked war stories. In grade seven I thought the balance between Molly's being "adopted" by kinsmen of the raiders who killed her parents, and her learning to forgive and like Seneca people, was probably about right. As an adult, aware that the children were kidnapped for sale as slaves and that Mary Jemison was raped along the way, I think the whole idea of remaking Jemison's (often censored) memoir as a cheerful children's story has a certain falseness... but kids like the crafts and folklore, and Lenski earns full marks for those.
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