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is this appropriate for teens?

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Kelly Short answer-NO. But it might be useful for older teens to scare the shit out of them about social media.
Kelly Hull Not probably suitable, but you can bet I'd have been reading it when I was a teen and I turned out just fine...mostly :)
Kitty Marie Super late answer but I actually would recommend this book to girls who are 18-20 years old, girls who could relate to Beck. It's a roundabout but effective cautionary tale. Honestly, there are a lot of male protagonists in youth-oriented romantic lit who have some things in common with Joe and reading this could trigger some reflection and healthy discussion on the types of traits we romanticize, how and when things go too far, etc.
Alon I am 14 and this book didn't make me break a sweat in a mental sort of any kind. Its fine if the person reading it is mature enough and will handle it correctly. *Without mimicking what he sees* nor being offended by it will be a good way to put it.
Lauren Hudson I loved this books. I work with teenagers. I would not lend this book to a teenager.
Pam Gross kovitz No!!! This is NOT appropriate for teens. It is a crazy disturbing story about two complex disturbed people.
Jessica Nope. I would say during the stages of formative sexual development this might skew the view of relationships/sex.
Phyrephly No! This is a twisted tale not suitable for younger readers.
Brittany Hojan Sure. I hate that people are saying 'no because sex scenes'. Teens know about sex guys.

The book is about an incredibly toxic and unhealthy relationship, that's true. However, I don't see why that's any reason to block it from them.

Why not allow them to read it and then have a healthy discussion, hmm? I mean what happened to learning experiences and the encouragement of knowledge and exploration?
Psychoticsoul Got to love all the answers advocating for censorship. So there's some sex scenes, big deal.
Thalia Lin I don't see why not
Abrar not by a longshot
Joni Thomas No, I wouldn't think so. Very descriptive sex scenes make me say no. The book store I work in had it shelved as YA and I quickly moved it to adult fiction.
Michelle I think an older and more mature teen would be okay with this. 16 at the youngest though. Think of it this way, this book would definitely be rated R if it were a movie and Rated R movies are anyone under 17 requires adult supervision. So if you feel that your teen is mature enough to watch a really awesome rated R movie then they should be good with this book.
Jen It depends on the teen. It's got explicit and complicated sexuality, and a lot of very 'adult' themes regarding violence and cynicism. It is very definitely not YA.
Bryony I'm 16 and I loved it! I'd say it's more suitable for mature teens and those in their late teens just for regarding the sex scenes.
Jessica No... there's graphic sexual thoughts and activity. Maybe very late teen, but generally no, not appropriate.
Christie There are so many fabulous YA books about there that DO contain all the sex they (teens) may want to read but that have characters with whom they can relate (not older tiresome narcissists as this book is filled with) that I would not bother trying to put this in the hands of highschoolers.
Yubal Masalker NO, it's not. There're blunt sexual scenarios and also nonchalant murders.
Radha Iyengar Definitely not. Very descriptive sexual scenes and considerable violence.
Kristen Not in my opinion - start with Hunger Games or Divergent series. This has far more adult content.
Kermy Probably. Not like there's anything here they dont already know, and better to be warned about social media sooner rather than later. Prevention better than cure.
Nikoleta Alexiadou Only for late teens, 16-19.
Sarah Fusilier Not appropriate for a teen at all unless they are sexually active, I would say.
Selina Like in any case, it depends on the specific person. If the teen is mature enough to decipher fiction from reality, I say why not. Masturbation and sex are nothing teens don't know about.
Pat Watson Depends on the teen. It may not be suitable for some adults. I did not like the book but I did finish it,
Jana Bouc NO! See my review. Frequent descriptions of sexual fantasy and masturbatory activities from point of view of male stalker. Everything about this book I wouldn't recommend for teens of either gender. It's meant to be funny in an ironic kind of way (I think) but still....way too misogynistic and depraved, though entertaining...definitely a guilty pleasure for adults.
Marie Mckay I think it is suitable for older teens
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