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Why would the author of this book wanna write about so much abuse and rape? Please dont say for the ''awareness'' of people, there is no such thing as awareness in romance books, we are very much aware of rapes, without needing to read about them in books. This is disgusting, the whole reproducing of rape culture in supposed ''romance'' books is sick.I would not even read it for free!

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Willow Brooks she writes about it because there are those of us who enjoy this type of fiction. This fiction is not to push women's rights or to persuade someone to chose between right and wrong. This is strictly for entertainment and it is not for everybody. Everyone has a right to read books according to their personal taste and Authors deserve the right to write books according to their personal taste. As far as I know there are no statistics stating women and men are being raped because of a dark BDSM, erotica, D's or DD novels.

It sounds like your taste run more in the direction of romance novels. I'm not sure where you purchase your books, but if you look at what the book is listed under, it tells if it's Dark romance, dark erotica, romance, or historical romance books so you don't keep running into this type of read. Also if you read the reviews you'll learn more of what type of book it is that way you don't have to keep reading about rapes.

If it's listed under romance, check to see if it's dark romance because most likely there will be forced, dubious, non consent, or plain rape.
'Q' aka CoCo Mintcola, I read your response to Willow...
You act as if you were so innocent in your intentions. If that were true, you would have written your review so that your opinion of the book could be made known to your friends and your followers. Instead, you posted this on the book's page in what I can only assume is an attempt to discourage future readers from purchasing the book. You flagrantly insult the author by calling her work "disgusting," and Willow hit the mark in calling you out for your attempt to shame people that are interested in reading about this topic.
You say, "this is disgusting, the whole reproducing of rape culture in supposed "romance" books is sick." You do not say, "I FIND this disgusting, I FEEL reproducing rape culture is sick." In generalizing, the only thing you have accomplished is offending anybody that feels differently than you do and exposing yourself for the bigot you are.
Willow Madison I'll be honest - I haven't read the books yet. While surfing on GR for a next read, I came across this one and just had to reply to this question. I know it's rhetorical. I know it's only posted as a slap in the face of this book. I know it's meant to ward off others from enjoying this book. So I just kinda haveta' reply.

I recently read this bit online and thought it applies to this type of work. I couldn't say it better myself...

"The most enjoyable thing about works of fiction is... well... they're fictional. The characters presented are not actual persons; the sufferings and triumphs they experience are not real pain and joy. Reading a book is not the same as being witness to the events it portrays. If it were, then the reader might be under some moral obligation to intervene, to alleviate suffering, or at the very least to try to react "rightly" to the situation in front of them. But since the situation is not real, all bets are off." source: http://bit.ly/1LoF3an

In answer to the 'question' posted: I believe the author wanted to write what the author wanted to write. I applaud that attitude.

I find it liberating that authors can write whatever they choose, regardless of gender or societal sensitivities. I don't believe writing a book that includes even copious amounts of rape is inciting a 'reproduction of rape culture,' unless of course it's a 'how to' book.

Furthermore, the only way to truly eliminate a preponderance of 'rape culture' thinking is to embrace the thinking that 'your rights end where my nose begins culture.' You are perfectly in your right to never purchase or read this book or any other for that matter. Thank goodness for that right, eh?

Rants like this question only seek to force a 'shame culture' on sexuality and that is what is truly disgusting IMHO.
Morih Ezeala your sick and do not have feelings for others. You are the sick one! people have there own opinions.. If you didn't like it why the hell did you search it?? why are you in this area of genres if there disgusting?? Your gross and stupid
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