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i cant be the only one to think jack is an unknown arcana card, can i? x

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Madelyn Blake I have thought that since we learned there was an unactivated card, my guess? Jack is the sun card, this is just a small theory but Selena was the moon and if Jack was the sun that was why they got along so well because the sun and moon cards are based off of Apollo and Artemis who are brother and sister. Plus, the sun card is one of the few we haven't heard of or seen yet.
Kathira Mannion Finn hasn't killed any Arcana, yet he's been "activated"... Same with Lark, Joules, Gabriel and Tess and Circe. And the Duke and Duchess.
I kind of hope Jack's dead. I don't like him... he lied to Evie a lot. Bring on Aric!!!
Julia ♡ Sarcasm and Romance Addict ♡ He fits the description of The Chariot card... I just hope he's not the 10 of swords minor arcana, which stands for betrayal as Evie had that vision of her crying with 10 swords in her back.
Isabelle I don't think Jack is an arcana card, but his brother is. i think his brother never died and is actually the Emporer. I thought Jack might have been an arcana at first but now i'm pretty sure he's not, especailly with the ending of the third book.
Viesha I think Jack is minor Arcana. The fool alluded to the fact that there are minor arcana cards. Him being major is too obvious
Jaybirdnifty Slight spoilers to the third book:

To be honest, I think if he does it'll take more away from his character than if he wasn't. I like Jack so much because you have all these people around him with these great abilities yet he is able to keep up with them without having any abilities what so ever. If Jack was The Hanged Man (The Unactivated Card I think), I would feel pretty disappointed. Plus, a huge part of his argument to death about why Evie should pick him over Aric was because if she would be able to live to be immortal and elderly. If Jack was a card, that would kind of backfire lol.
Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches i kinda hope She stays with jack since death thinks he owns her just because shes the only one he can touch without killing
lylia I beleive the same I think he will be activated in the next book.
Hunters Moon Jack is most likely a minor arcana, being a major arcana would be way to obvious a plot twist. While that would make an interesting story if he was a major arcana, Jack doesn't strike me as an arcana. Also if he was wouldn't Aric have figured out he was arcana without his call, or card ever appearing? Afterall he has the most experience. Death has said that minor arcana do exist and that he has run into a few of them, so Jack being a minor arcana is a much more likely possibility. Evie's grandmother is most likely a minor arcana, so why not Jack? And as for the unactivated card this is a possible arcana for Jack but again not likely as its too obvious, and I don't believe there has been any mentions that jack knows more about arcana than the magician, who in the first book has said that he felt he was going insane.

Recap: Jack most likely minor arcana.

This is my opinion and you are free to point out flaws in my logic, as of now without the fourth book nobody except Kresley Cole can confirm anything
Jenn I'm pretty sure a lot of people have the same suspicion and I'm one of them. I like Aric better for Evie than I did Jack because Jack lies, demands her secrets, but refuses to tell his own. Aric may be an ass at times, well a lot of the time, but he at least is honest about it, owning up to mistakes he's made and taking responsibility for them. At the end of the second book I didn't really like either of her love interests, but Aric saw a lot of character growth in this book and I really liked him for Evie even if she didn't. I don't think Jack is dead and I think Circe saved his life. That wall of water showing up over the flames. Jack can't be dead and I think Jack has a lot more secrets that need revealing.
Evelyn I'm Pretty sure he's OUR LORD UNCANNY just like she's our lady of thorns
Eva I agree fully! I am almost positive his calling is "He hurts when he helps" because Mathew repeats it a lot when him and Evie are talking about Jack and since there is a card that hasn't been activated it could be Jack. I think he is the Star card also known as the arcane navigator. And its likely to assume that the Star card's power is to navigate and this doesn't have to mean just navigate through terrain but through questions or problems too. And Jack even says he has a sense to navigating through the dangerous terrains (in the first book). He also can't let any problems or questions go until he has seen them through.
This idea is totally based on conclusions that were drawn from possibilities so it may have no real merit but I think it is a real possibility. It is hard to believe that Kresley Cole would kill Jack, one of the main characters, off in such an abrupt way. There would have to be some closure to his and Evie's relationship. That closure could come in the fourth book but it seems like an ending to a characters that is too jagged for this piece. It is also likely he is a totally different card but this is whatnot in my mind.
Alwina I thought that too but how can that be? As far as I know he and Selena died at the end of the third book. Did I misunderstood something?
Katie I think Jack is a minor arcana called the page of swords or the spy. He is known for being deceptive and being able to read people. Which are 2 of the spy's powers.
Darby Ryan I have been thinking he is arcana, possibly The Chariot as we have have heard nothing of him yet.
Kahla Nope you're not! I suspected jack of being one since I found out there's a card that doesn't activate until he/she kills another arcana. I had hoped it would be revealed in her latest book, but no:(
Cheryl Howard I believe if Jack is a Major Arcana, he is the Hanged Man. "When he helps, he hurts" can be interpreted to mean, "when Jack helps people, it hurts him" and one of the themes of the Hanged Man is sacrifice.
Mandy It has to be jack... either that or brandon. we dont know if hes actually dead. Or i dont wanna spoil but maybe the new character introduced at the end of rising?? (prob not but maybe?)
Eliza Daniels Firstly, I would like to start with. I love the Arcana Chronicles. Then, I love Evie and Jack's relationship. The truth is when I ended the third book, I also ended up crying. Jack can't die, it will just ruin the chronicles without him. Then, after sometime I thought and realised something. As it is said by all of your views, that he can be the wild card. So something else came in my mind, that maybe the flood saving him. Was Circe's flood. But again why would she even do that? I know that Evie and they were best friend's like sisters in her past life. And she can save her friend's boyfriend, but then she hates her now. And maybe... As Jack already hid so many secrets from Evie and all the lies. It may be possible, that Jack and Circe are related in some way. In the past life or in this one. Is there anyone who feels the same way?
Rose I think Jack could be the emperor since the ending of the third book made it suspicious.
Kelli I believe Jack is the Chariot. The Chariot is an archer and known for willfulness, victory, control, determination, being upright, strong will power and assertion. The Chariot card represents conquest and overcoming opposition through your confidence and contol.
This sounds very much like him in his quest to run the army he's forming. As for Aric (Death) hasn't recognized him yet, he said one card has to be activated by killing another Arcana. I think that's a "plot twist" by Kresley Cole to surprise us and Evie with Jack being an Arcana. If the family line passes on the info regarding the Game it would explain why he didn't know, he had no relationship with his father.
Ivonne He seems like the Ace of Swords card
Susan I definitely think he's the Arcana card that activates after the death of another Arcana (Possibly Selena??)
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