Katie asked:

What is with this guy and not using periods? Just pages and pages of commas and run on sentences. Makes it hard to follow the dialogue at times. Anyone know what this is about? Or, does it get easier to stand as you read on?

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Eduardo A. Saramago has explained this earlier:

«As you know, when we speak, we don't use punctuation. We pause [to breath] and even, as I say in my books, the only two punctuation marks are the full stop (or period, in American English) and the comma, are not punctuation marks, they are a pause, a brief pause and a long pause. In the end, as I often say, to speak is to compose music» - in Expresso, 2004.

«(..) I see myself as an oral narrator when I write and that the words by me written ought to be read as well as to be heard. Now, the oral narrator doesn't need punctuation, speaks as he was composing music and uses the same elements as a musician: sounds and pauses, highs and lows, some, brief or long, others.» - in Cadernos de Lanzarote – Diário II (1994)

I translated it as best as I could from the following link: https://ciberduvidas.iscte-iul.pt/art...
Srikumar Krishna Iyer I personally think its not a great idea.
If we are going to read books frequently with such a design, then our mind will get used to it but when it is very very occasional, its really tough and too much strain for our mind.
I found it very exhausting to complete the book, though I enjoyed the reading/ plot etc.
Add to that the edition that I picked up had a small font size and the pages weren't too bright, so it became a very tough challenge to finish the book.
At the end of it all, I felt like I had completed a himalayan expedition.
Inês Anjos Saramago writes in an oral way. Basically, everything flows as if people were talking.
Cinda MacKinnon The lack of punctuation annoyed me with my first Saramago book (Blindness); bothered me less with my second (The Cave); but with The Double ( my favorite) I hardly even noticed it anymore. I have wondered whether it was laziness (you can write much faster if you skip punctuatation and format!) or an artistic statement.
J C This bothered me at first, but I got used to it. Interesting writing style indeed, and the way Saramargo describes why he does it, it makes sense.
It flows nicely and it's almost as if the author is there with you telling you the story, orally -- personally.
Sarah Hahahah, I agree. It was uncomfortable to the eyes.
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