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Jenny Koo The more I thought about being a pretty, the more I felt like I was still an ugly. I grabbed the mirror off the stool next to my bed, and closed my eyes. I wasn’t nervous or anything, but I could feel my hands shaking with the mirror in them. Opening my eyes slowly, I started to see my face for the first time after the surgery. Smooth porcelain skin, features incomparably accentuated, and the wide fierce looking eyes were staring back at me in the mirror. The feeling of getting a new face felt extremely bizarre, like if my brain switched over to somebody else’s body. Even though everything on my face was new I could still tell that it was me for some reason. Maybe it was only myself that felt like it. I touched my face carefully as if it was a fragile as a flower. I was a pretty. This made me feel like if I had no fears and worries in my life. I jumped out of the bed, and headed to the bathroom. I just couldn’t believe how I looked like. It did make me feel fearless, and even reckless, but there was some part in my mind where I felt like there was something missing. What was this? It was like if someone was grabbing my shirt when I was trying to move on. Then I remembered someone. Someone that I should be feeling guilty for more than anything. Someone that had to serve the consequence from my mistake. Shay. I had to know where she was right now. I need to find her, and apologise her. Smoke is probably gone now. All destroyed to ashes by the Special Circumstances. Would people in Prettytown know about Smoke? Or would they even bother to care? Right now, I felt so guilty that I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. What was I thinking-to get a surgery to be pretty when I destroyed a home of many people, and betray my friends? My hands were shaking, as the memory of Shay kept coming to my mind. I hoped that she was alive, and she wasn’t forced turning into a pretty. Shay hated the pretties, and if she was forced to become one, I didn’t know what she would do. I had to get out of here first. I ripped out the IV out of my wrist, and changed from the white gown into my clothes. I am going to find Shay, and get her out of here. She doesn’t belong here, even if she is possibly a pretty now, I am going to take her back to the Smoke.
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by Scott Westerfeld (Goodreads Author)
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