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Juli Manz asked:

Would anyone, able bodied, be willing to hike 2060 miles just for the satisfaction of saying you did it?? Personally, I would not.

Jill "Just for the satisfaction of saying you did it" is often cited as the only conceivable reason for engaging in difficult physical endeavors. It says more about the speaker than the doer — the idea that external validation is what thru-hikers are seeking. Personally, I find the notion preposterous. There are far easier ways to get pats on the back from others, but very few ways to engage in the kinds of internal, emotional journeys these hikers experience.
Paula IMO, it's not just about saying "I did it". It's about pushing yourself to do something that you think you couldn't do.

BTW-I think it's more like 2600 miles. :-)
Jeannette Poulson I wouldn't do it simply for the satisfaction of saying I did it or for any kind of self validation, just simply for the experience of an adventure involving my passion for the outdoors, exploration, gratification of physical endurance, engaging with and connecting to nature that bring inspiration, solitude, and perspective, to be able to experience life, raw, untarnished, and unfettered that bring transformation and spiritual growth in ways that our crowded and digital dependent society cannot, prompting true inward reflection of who we are, that makes us want to share that soul changing journey. To spend time out in nature is a true bliss, and heightens all of our senses.
Amber Briggs It's about passion and pushing yourself, accomplishing goals. I am actually doing it in 2019 and I am sooo excited, its unreal.
Troy Ngram I was up in Eugene OR and saw a lecture. This guy took his daughter up to do the entire trail. She is going to spend her whole life simply living in the trail. She's PCT!
Dale Smith That is an interesting question, so let me turn it back on you slightly. Have you ever done anything for the satisfaction of saying you did it? Or, have you done anything that has caused other people to look at you and ask "why would you do that?"

It's a passion, and while a lot of people may start out feeling that way, the ones who finish will find out they have a much deeper reason for having completed it, than they started out with.
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