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I have high cholesterol and it is causing more problems, therefore I keep taking more meds to combat the new problems. The latest is type 2 diabetes. I need to start this diet. Thanks for the writing of this book. Why is fish bad, I always thought fish had good oils and was a healthy food?

Iona Stewart I haven´t read this book, but fish is definitely unhealthy in this day and age, since it is so polluted, now with all the radiation from the Japanese nuclear plant which has spread throughout the oceans of the world. Also big fish are severely polluted by mercury and more. And many fish and other sea animals have swallowed plastic. This threatens their lives and would not be nice to find on your dinner table!

All meds are dangerous, and statins are deadly. High cholesterol is not bad by itself, it simply indicates you have health problems, since cholesterol, which is necessary for us, rushes to the site of these problems to try to fix matters. Low cholesterol on the other hand is deadly.
Liisa Check out for a wealth of information that is free--and free from all advertising. You can find a lot of information about nutrition there. There are very short, (2-7 minutes long,) videos packed with updates about just about anything you could possibly be interested in with regard to your health. Also, see books by McDougall, Fuhrman, and Esselstyn, as well as "How Not to Die" by Dr. Greger.
Dianna The author of this book argues that a high amount of animal protein in our diets is what is causing so many health problems. As an animal protein, fish would be grouped with chicken, meat, and milk that the China Study would have us drastically reduce or eliminate.
Warren Green I actually believe that many species of fish ( like wild salmon ), are beneficial. At least in moderation. I would probably eat more wild salmon, if I were not concerned about dwindling fish stocks, and the polluted state of our oceans.

Anyway, one of the main things I think more people need to focus on these days, is just eating a vegetable-based diet. If you don't understand why, just read, "Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition". Or watch, "Forks Over Knives".
Nicolás I suppose its just a false narrative that has developed. As Dr. John McDougall said , “A muscle is a muscle, whether it comes from a chicken, cow, or fish.” So regardless which type, all animal protein has the most common characteristics, nutrients profile speaking (high in fat, salt, acid, cholesterol and low in fiber and carbs)
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