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What do you think the wolves' head in the M and the E mean? Could it be foreshadowing who his dad is (like Percy and the trident in his name) or just unrelated?

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Serena If it is it couldn't be much more vague.
Fenrir, a giant wolf is the son of Loki by Angrboda a jötunn (giantess). He bites the hand off the god Tyr while the gods bound him with a dwarf chain called Gleipnir, he kills the god Odin and is killed by Vidarr, fathers the wolves Skoll (who chases and will catch the sun goddess Sol/Sunna) and Hati who will devour the moon god Mani. The mother may be giant/witch known as Iárnvidia (she of the Iron Wood).

Another son of Loki and Sigyn, Narfi becomes a wolf and kills his brother Vali/Nari, whose entrails are used to bind Loki until Ragnarok.

Freyja meets with a völva (witch) Hyndla who rides a wolf, and to Baldr's funeral, the giantess Hyrrokkin arrived on a wolf.

Geri and Freki are two wolves who are the familiars of Odin.

Gunnr's horse was also a name for a wolf/warg, and Gunnr was one of the Valkyries.
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