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I get a lot of email from readers--which I greatly enjoy. Does anyone have a preference for the man in Sarah Booth's life? If so, who and why?

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Carolyn Haines I love all of these answers. It's so funny because I just wrote a passionate kiss scene with Sarah Booth for Rock-a-Bye Bones. I could tell ya who it was with, but then I'd have to kill ya!
Morgan Blythe Coleman! Because he's just the one. We all know it!
Dawn Manske It's time for a new suiter. Harold is a friend. Scott is a buddy. Coleman is a protector but none of them sweep Sarah Booth totally off her feet. jitty has not sat her down and said " this is the one Sarah Booth. Pay attention. Fall in love. Create that heir." Nor has Jitty shown up as a bridesmaid to get Sarah Booth to think about one man or another.
Cindy Kerwin I like Coleman and they have a connection, but he's let her down too many times. I love the idea of her with Harold, he's been there since the beginning, patiently waiting, and it's not as obvious and easy as choosing Coleman. I think Harold would be a better option for her, they've been at a constant simmer since the first book, it was a spark that never went out!
BTW, I love this series! I hope there are plenty more to come!
Suzeesg Bone to Be Wild is my first book of yours to read - I vote for Coleman!
Angela I absolutely love your books (although some stuff I don't go along with)! Sarah Booth is an amazing character and I can't wait for the next book. Truthfully, I didn't care for Bone to be Wild as much as the previous books but that's ok. Still a big fan. I definitely vote for Coleman. It's obvious he deeply cares for Sarah Booth as she does him and there is great respect on either side. Of course, he is the type I personally would fall for which probably influences my decision. I never cared for Graf at all. Scott is ok. Harold would prob be my second choice but, as has already been said, they seem to have more of just a friendship. When's the next book coming out?!
Bonnie McHenry For me, it has always been Coleman. Hands down, no doubt about it! I love how they work together on cases and I feel she can really be herself when she is around him. Looking back at all they have been through, and still having an attraction for one another, it has to move to the next step.
Kelly SCOTT, he gets her and doesn't want to try to change her or tame her and there is LOTS of sparks. Harold is a great guy and a great friend, just no chemistry and Coleman just drug his feet too long and couldn't get his act together, too much back and forth with his ex-wife. Their time has come and gone - but h also makes a good friend.
Tina Has to be Coleman. They were meant to be together.
There is no chemistry between Sarah Booth and Harold although I do hope he finds someone too.
I hate for Scott to be hurt, but no matter who she chooses - someone is going to be hurt. And I don't want that person to be Coleman.
Coleman is the one!!
Lemniskate67 Coleman. There was never a really satisfying reason that they didn't work - that they missed their moment? Pfft. There's a million moments every day. Graf just seemed very... I always felt like Sarah Booth was trying to convince herself as much as Graf with her professions of love and devotion. Sarah Booth and Coleman have parallel life journeys, and I think there's a lot to be said for shared history and shared worldview and shared values.
Elaine Helms I like either Harold or Coleman. You know, they guys who were there before these books got too stupid for words. But really Tinkie is her soul mate. Team Tinkie.
Cindy I've always liked Harold the banker.
CL Gee She's a complicated lady, but I think, ultimately it's Coleman Peters for her. But I wish I'd have had half the luck she has with a queue of eligible and diverse interesting men! (except Graf - I never took to Graf).
Doward Wilson It is time to hit us with a new man and twist in Sarah Booth's life. You never fail to leave us hanging on the side of the cliff, just as we were getting comfortable, with each new book ending. Keep it up, who knows where you wonderful imagination will take us next? I only wish you could put 3 or 4 more books out each year. This series has been so entertaining and informative, I can never get enough.
Wanda Williams I think Hamilton Garrett should come back to the USA. He and Sarah Booth can conquer a lot of bad guys and do good things together. I believe their personalities and sense of integrity are very compatible. Besides they were very happy for the short time they had together. I think Jitty would approve. Wanda Williams
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