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My son is using this book for a class next semester. I was okay with the blurb until it got to the part about more emphasis on Harriet Tubman than on George Washington. Isn't Harriet Tubman an individual who demonstrates the greatness of our country? I have a feeling this will be a great book for my son to use in his American History course, and will lead to lots of lively arguments in our home!

John Barbour You are among the blessed ones. So count your blessings. Most are subjected to a few subjects such as MLKing and the holocaust and know little else. The real unfortunate ones are subjected to books like the People's History, which is not history at all but a political diatribe that leads to a negative view of America and even, God forbid, some of the anarchy we have recently seen in the streets. You may want to watch the video "America: Imagine a World Without Her" by Dinesh D'Sousa with your son as a good supplement to the book.

Re: Harriet Tubman v. Washington: This must be the teacher's emphasis. A quick look at the index reveals that Tubman only receives a paragraph. ( pages 240-241) While Washington is covered on 27 pages.

Tubman is a relative minor figure in American history and has only been blown out of portion in our time through movies, tv shows, etc. for political reasons. It has more to do with cultural Marxism than history. Marxists found out long ago that race works much better in America then traditional class which was used in Europe to stir up trouble.
C I'm quite sure that this history is meant as a right-wing response to books like 'A People's History of...', and so as a reactionary the author deliberately downplays people like Tubman in favour of patriotic, conservative republican heroes.
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