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Marquess of Huntly elder brother Lord Percy Almsworthy, son of Carlisle, from the novels "The Reasons For Marriage" and "A Lady of Expectations" and Edward the son of Herbert Marquess of Huntly and Augusta Cynster Marchioness of Huntly from the novel "The Promise in a Kiss" it is one and the same person in the World of Stephanie Laurens?

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Julia Mackey Can it be true the following logical conclusion?
Lady Lady Augusta Cynster Marchioness of Huntly - wife of Herbert Marquess of Huntly in 1783 they have a two year old son Edward and wait for the second child. "Huntly is a good-natured man who never pretended to be able to manage Augusta. He does, however, have extremely good sense and so knows when she needs to be managed. He then summons me."
In 1816 the Marquess of Huntly takes office in Westminster. "Lady Augusta!" Minerva hurried down the main stairs, all but tripping in her haste to rescue them all. "We were expecting you yesterday and wondered what had happened." "Hubert happened, or rather Westminster called, and he was delayed, so we set out rather later than I'd wished." Augusta turned to envelop her in a warm embrace."
In the period since 1817, Herbert inherits the title of Duke of Huntington. "He waited until they had, at last, parted from his ladyship and were once more rolling towards the gates before saying," Lady Osbaldestone seems quite determined to see you well wed. "Totally unconcerned by her ladyship's grand schemes, which had even stretched as far as the Duke of Huntington, Sophie smiled gaily. "Indeed. They are all of them busy hatching schemes."
Their eldest son, Edward gets the title of Marquess of Huntly and cares for Miss Sophia Winterton, but she marries Jack Lester. In 1835, Huntingdon, big, burly gentleman was not a fool, he was a fellow campaigner Earl of Cothelstone, who organized and supervised the police.
Lady Marjorie Almsworthy - the daughter of Herbert Marquess of Huntly and Lady Augusta Cynster Marchioness of Huntly of Huntly Hall, Northamptonshire, got married Herbert, Lord Darent of Darent Hall in Northamptonshire and become Marjorie, Lady Darent («Tangled Reins»).
Marjorie, Lady Darent - wife Herbert, Lord Darent, prim, prosy and hopelessly inelegant in every way, was worse than useless.
Stephanie Laurens Kathie Wilkinson - Augusta's children are not in the family trees anymore because they are not Cynsters. Although Augusta appears in several other books - she's the Marchioness of Huntingdon - her children, Edward and Marjorie, do not.
The younger son - Lord Percy Almsworthy close friend Jack Lester and Harry Lester. "Jack gestured to Percy, hanging back on his other side." If you'll permit me to introduce Lord Percy Almsworthy? "" Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Winterton. "Prepared to be wary, Sophie saw at a glance that Lord Percy was sprung from a mould quite different from his companion. Reassured, she smiled and held out a hand. As he leant from the saddle to shake it, she thought she detected a look of keen appraisal in Lord Percy's mild gaze. "M ' father's Carlisle, "he said, giving her a peg on which to hang his hat. It follows that he is married to the daughter of Earl of Carlisle. Carmarthen Earl of Carlisle granduncle Reggie Carmarthen, so the title of Earl of Carlisle inherit Herbert Carmathen, Viscount Northcote, father of Reggie. This explains the close friendship with the family Carmarthen of the family Cynster.
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