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Anyone struggle to finish this?

Tony Marshall I'm certainly not struggling, although BB does tend to get side-tracked and meanders all over the place historically, which is perhaps why I'm really enjoying reading and learning. It had never occurred to me that everything, literally everything, has a history. If only I can remember half of what I've learnt, I could be a source of anecdotes for years to come.
Wendy BB loves to meander - but he fills every page with fun and interesting facts. His books are like history lessons with a really great professor!
Alicia Nope. I think this is my new favorite. I'm finding myself googling every topic mentioned because he builds the story in a fashion that has me yearning for more information. I'll be rereading this in the future!
Marz I am struggling to put it down. I want to just read it all day.
Whit I am struggling right now even after getting the audiobook. It's a wonderfully insightful book. BUT while the tangents are informative and tightly woven throughout, it feels like I'm reading a lot of information unrelated to the home.
Joseph Garner When I do pick it up I enjoy it immensely, I especially like the kitchen chapter, but I did take breaks from reading this from time to time.
Afm It's not something I read all the way through. Since there wasn't a plot that I had to get to the end of, I took it one chapter at a time and had time to think about it. Interesting book.

I did the same thing with Short History of Nearly Everything.
Libby Patton Yes, it took me over three years!
Jean MacLeod Hardly! I love to be entertained while learning new things. There is nothing dry and dusty in BBs books. Besides the freshness of the writing, it's the humor that keeps me engaged--and anxiously awaiting the next one. Jean B MacLeod
Kathy Contains a wealth of interesting facts, a lot of them not really to do with the home. It's called a 'short history', but it's way too long and a lot of irrelevance should have been edited out.
Cori Arnold I took my time, reading mainly at night and in the morning for fifteen minute bites.
Elise Ann No! But I too listened to the audiobook.
Ed Bremson I try to listen to audiobooks while walking. Most of them I enjoy, but this one was hard for me to understand / hear, so I returned it to the library.
Jeannette I struggle with BB in general. I like the meanderings and seemingly random connections but at the same time I struggle with his tone. To me, he seems to range from fascinating tidbits (like husband or room and board) to almost dismissive oversimplifications of historical events (Roman/Dark Age Britain) that actually do a disservice to the vast scholarship on the topic. He speaks in sweeping generalizations when he should instead be saying that his POV is from a narrow 'my village' perspective, which there is nothing wrong with but it is incorrect to view the island of Britain as monolithic, especially in early historical periods.
Alex "Struggling to finish...?" By no means.
Upon completion of the audiobook format, I'm struggling on a date to start reading the book. Which brings to mind one of BB's favorite quotes, "There's always a little more toothpaste in the tube. Think about it...!!! ;-)
Holden I struggled with certain parts, and I think it's more because they were in subjects that I don't really have an interest in (mainly architecture, including the history of bricks). But other parts were far more fascinating (I really enjoyed The Dining Room chapter because I'm more interested in biology and nutrition, and the chapter talking about mice, rats, and bats). It's a book, I think, you should know going in that you're going to get bombarded with information from multiple fields, and some of them may just not be that interesting. For the most part, I really enjoyed this book because I love Bryson's style.
April This is not one of those books that you have to read in one sitting. It is divided into sections like Hall,Kitchen,Fuse Box and each is exhaustive and interesting. So I am taking a break with one of Sasser Hill's racetrack mysteries,Flamingo Road (bought at Pimlico's Black Eyed Susan Stakes)
Zana Hart I got sucked in and did practically nothing but read it all weekend.
sheryl no...because i listen to the cd while working in the kitchen...excellent alternative to the tv and i learn fascinating stuff in an entertaining manner.
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