Kyndal Wiggles

i absolutely hated this book... did anyone else?

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Franco No way. We teach it as a core novel in our middle school for 6th graders. It's well-written in terms of character development, setting and plot. Thematically it is rich and will always be relevant in the US.
Mille Of course white people don't like this book.
Audrey This is an awesome book...and I am white. I think more people should read these kind of books to show up injustice for what it is. Skin color should make no difference on how people are treated!
La La I love the way everyone who is saying they didn't like it isn't giving a reason. It is a wonderful book.
Damian T Kyndal Wiggles, Becca Watson and Audrey, why did you hate this book? I would be interested to know.

It is a book of its time, dealing with strong and controversial issues, some of which still linger to this day in various parts of the world.
Kari Shattuck This is a fantastic book. I read it as a 12 year old child and am reading it to my 11 year old daughter now. The realities of this book are harsh. Maybe that's why the others here don't like it? The prose does take a little effort to read, that could be it, too.
Susan Why do you dislike it?
The story line? The style of writing? The writers point of view? It made you uncomfortable?
A.D. Not a single person who said they disliked the book gave any justification as to why they felt that way. I'm surprised you read anything at all given that level of mental laziness.
Charlotte Siobhan Yes, I agree, Audrey, I loved this book and I'm white. Everyone should read books like these. Books don't need to have good white people in them for white people to enjoy them. This book talks about terrible and true things that happened during this time and I myself completely own up to the fact that a lot of white people have been really terrible to a lot of people! I would like to know why you hated this book, Kyndal Wiggles, because this is an amazing book.
➳Fiona's not a ogre➳ I'm white and I liked it. Well I didn't like the first half but I loved the ending half.
tabascosauce My mom doesn't like it because she found it extremely sad and distressing, and she's Jewish lol (she hates stuff that makes her cry, like she can't stand Toy Story 3). I loved it partially because of how sad and thought provoking it was, how it made me really think about racism and motivated me to try harder to fight it. Maybe give it another go? It might be that the older you've gotten, the more your tastes have changed, and maybe you'll notice the nuance or subtlety you might have missed the first time you read it. :)
Doggo bruh come on now. dont be assuming all white people are racist. Im brazillian, but im really white and this book is actually good. And i dont like non fiction or history books. Usually theyre boring but this one is good.
Michael Byrd I'm white, and I personally don't mind this book. I actually LOVED IT!
JJJulia There are so many people called Audrey
Gina Woodbury I am currently reading this book for school and I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE IT. you are not alone.
Audrey I did not like it one bit.
Holly i read this book several times when i was a kid (9-12) which i think is the age group it is aimed at. so obviously didn't hate it. i no longer remember specifics about the writing style, but i didn't find the story line to be boring.
Audrey I loved this book so much, I had to read it in 5th grade and it was my favorite from that year!
Trysta Yamaguchi Yep, absolutely dreaded it.
Barbara Willliams I'd like to know why anyone would hate this book.
Shelly Ferguson How could anyone hate this book? I had trouble putting it down. I loved it.
Sparrow It's the best book i've had to read for school. why did you hate it Kyndal Wiggles?
ELIZABETH DEBIRK that is harsh... I loved it
Julia I liked the storyline and the characters, but it's not exactly my prefered genre - I didn't hate it, though! The history behind is great, too.
Elsie me too. i had to read it for a class this past month and i dreaded it the entire time
Sammy I didn't like it either. I was pretty much forced to read it. If I wasn't forced and didn't have to take tests on it, I may have enjoyed it better.
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