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Just heard HBO is doing a series based on Foundation. How do you feel about that?

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Sereneji Depends. If it is a theme adaption of going out to space and building human civilisations somewhere else it might work. That has been done before and could prove to be an enjoyable show.
If it is a retelling of the whole foundation story, then they better not keep it short or twist it because of viewers opinions and quota. I think the Foundation story in science fiction is like Lord of the Rings for Fantasy. You can't do it justice if you don't stick with the original.
Leunam the trailer doesn't look any good, a monster alien comes out on the first shot.
Hitbybus I have my doubts about this adaptation, I mean just look at I, Robot.
David Salisbury Given how the series jump through time and characters, I would previously have said that it was unfilmable. I feel that this is one of the boldest themes for a series I have ever encountered, and look forward to seeing how they manage it.
Judith I suggest reading this for an answer from Paul Krugman, a Nobel-winning economist who also wrote the intro to the Folio Society boxed set of the Foundation trilogy:

So how does the Apple TV series turn this into a visually compelling tale? It doesn’t. What it does instead is remake “Star Wars” under another name. There are indispensable heroes, mystical powers, even a Death Star. These aren’t necessarily bad things to include in a TV series, but they’re completely antithetical to the spirit of Asimov’s writing. Pretending that this series has anything to do with the “Foundation” novels is fraudulent marketing, and I’ve stopped watching.
Cristián finally Apple+ on 2021, the trailer doesn't look so good. But at least a good try.
Robert Palmer I would look forward to it as long as they keep to Asimov's story line
John Meier It's been done a million times. man reaching for the stars only to be held back by the forces of evil. man overcomes these forces winning his revolution only to see that he too has created the problems that he sought to overcome. Finally, he comes to terms with himself and his society where everyone lives together in harmony and love!

You've seen the story with Robin Hood, With The Hunger Games, With Star Wars, With every happy ending love story ever filmed. Conflict. Solution: MY way leading to more conflict. Understanding and cooperation that leads to OUR way, LOVE through mutual respect leading to redemption!
PaulESchilling It would be uniquely difficult to be loyal to the theme of the story, since we like our movies to promote heroism and a big implication of the trilogy is that heroism is irrelevant.
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