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I was reading Sentinel, which is collection of short stories. In the introduction to "A meeting with Medusa", it was mentioned that it was a prequel for 2010: A Space Odyssey. If so why was the life on Jupiter is not mentioned in 2010? Also if there is a intelligent life on Jupiter then why was it destroyed by the higher intelligent people(who made Jupiter into a star)?

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Caleb Jones 2010 does go into the life on Jupiter, but David Bowman (and the higher beings) determined that they were not intelligent and had no evolutionary pathway that would take them towards intelligence so they "weeded".
Kye Weber "Sentinel" is not so much a sequel to 2010: A Space Odyssey" as prior work by the author. Witch was used as foundation material for the first book in the series "2001: A Space odyssey."
The Arthur C. Clarke, the author, has this to say about the relationship between "Sentinel"and the odyssey books:

I had already given Stanley a list of my shorter pieces, and we had decided that one—“The Sentinel”—contained a basic idea on which we could build. “The Sentinel” was written in an explosion of energy at Christmas 1948, as my entry for a BBC short story contest"

The full text of his remarks on this subject, as well as the origins of the Odyssey books, can be found in "The Forward to the Millennial Edition" of "2001: A Space Odyssey"
Eeva Lancaster Some aspects of Sentinel were changed in the Space Odyssey Series. The first book was only based on Sentinel. The life found on Jupiter was not intelligent, that was specified in the later books. It was in Europa where intelligent life evolved.
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