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Does anyone else think that the description of this book is an enormous spoiler? While reading the book it felt like one of the big mysteries being set up in the book was answered in this description. I really think I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't know the answers to the questions faced by the characters in the first two-thirds of the book.

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ivan The summary is used not only on the book, but on Tor Books' page for it, the Amazon listing, and the Barnes & Noble listing.

Since so many people have reported this, I truncated the original summary and replaced it with a summary/review from Publishers Weekly, which is both more detailed and (I believe) does not include the big spoiler.

Thoughts on this change welcome.
Kristian Vaksdal
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Eyob Fitwi Now that I read the synopsis, I have to agree. My reading experience would've been vastly different had I read this beforehand.
Nick Absolutely. It also led to me continually asking myself "When are the _____ going to show up?"
Jean-baptiste Soufron Yes. You don't understand what's happening before 100 pages or so. And if you know it's about ET that have been contacted and are coming... well the surprise is totally spoiled.
Ryan Yan The cover itself is a spoiler! When published in China, its original name was merely "Three-body". Until half through the book many would still be pondering what that phrase means exactly. But now that it is narrowed down to a specific physical terminology known to many readers with decent pop-sci background, there's practically no surprise at all in the first phase of the game...
Ken Hatch Yes it is, I am glad I read this book before seeing that! It is a huge bunch of spoilers giving away almost the entire plot! They should really change that.
M.R. No, nothing was 'spoiled' for me by either the book jacket or by the Goodreads description. Neither really gives a good sense of the book, thank heavens, which I found a delight to read. Very different. I'll be keeping a sharp lookout for other books by this author as well as the next volume in the trilogy.
Michael Many, many studies show that spoilers generally increase enjoyment of the material. People hate hearing that, but what can you do.
Boris Budeck I didn't read any descriptions or summaries before reading the book and I still wonder what surprise everyone is talking about? Did the book contain one that you couldn't see coming from very far ahead?
Sufyan Holmgren I guess I won't be reading the description. Haha.
Paul Long The main focus was pretty easy to figure out. The book broadly hinted at it all along
Luke This has been a problem for over 6 years now... It would be so easy to change. I do not understand why Goodreads administrators are ignoring this. I have shared this book with two people now and this website specifically has spoiled the big plot within its description to them!
S Yes!! It totally is. Plus the summary doesn't touch on any of the important characters 3
Scott Bordelon Agreed! I added this to my reading list based on the stellar reviews and ratings from people who have a similar literary taste as mine, but didn't know much about the storyline going into it. After reading the description, I wish I hadn't. Sadly, even the abridged description on Goodreads gives away too much. ☹
Scribal I never read descriptions. They always say too much.
Enkhbat Tsedenbaljir I think it's ironic you hadn't realized a review is something like making sound in a dark forest that you would have a risk of being struck by a spoiler.
Anca Absolutely! And I'm glad I didn't read it.
Paul Payne To be quite honest, it took two or three attempts over several months to get into this book, very heavy and slow to start with- so by the time I had started to read it properly, I had forgotten the blurb and so it was not spoiled.
Jhon Thula Yes!... and thanks to your comment I was spared!
Paul This the reason I try not to read reviews on a book; if possible, just a basic description. Admittedly, I've been burned by this in the past. I am glad I did not know where this story was going. It's so much more fun when the story unfolds.
Joshua Wetenkamp OMG that is ridiculous. The entire plot is given away. No more mysteries or surprises after reading that. Glad I avoid spoilers like the plague. Would have totally ruined it for me. I went into this book knowing absolutely nothing except that it was a friend of a friend's favorite novel. I gave it 5-stars; likely would have gotten less had I read the description beforehand.
Nicolas Maurette +1, what the hell people!
Tim Totally agree, my advice when recommending this book is not to read the back of the book or any other summaries :).
Jair Steven Well I'm glad I read this review first
Danny Tomasik Thanks for the tip. I was just looking it up because its my next for a book club meeting, but I caught the question in time.
Christopher Osborn Absolutely, I did not read the description. The plot develops beautifully, and revealing the conclusion in the description does it a great disservice.
Bodhi Yeah. Good point. It might be a cultural thing, or just somebody's way of marketing (how else are you supposed to know aliens are involved?). Hard to know where the blame lies, after all, Goodreads just copied a slightly abridged version of the inside jacket.
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