I've just finished this book and loved it, and was wondering if anyone could recommend another Sanderson book similar to this one (I loved Steelheart, Mitosis and Firefight too, but haven't read any of his other books yet). Is the Mistborn trilogy a good bet? Thanks in advance for the help :)

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Scott I have yet to read anything by Sanderson that I didn't enjoy. He has books aimed at different levels of readers. The Rithmatist would be a great read for junior high level on up. Clean with action, but no gore.

The Reckoners series is aimed at the young adult market. The books are fast paced and gripping, with a gritty edge.

The first three Mistborn books, on the other hand, are epic fantasy that include many dark elements. The books in his Stormlight Archive series are even more serious epic fantasy that require a high level of reader commitment.

If you're interested in something shorter, check out some of Sanderson's novellas. You might like his two Legion stories, Sixth of Dusk, Perfect State, or if you want something mildly scary you might consider Shadows for Silence In the Forests of Hell. All great reads.
Smasher (BookMadWoman) I will always recommend Elantris to anybody, it is one of my favorite books of all time, not just in the fantasy genre. Please try it, it's absolutely amazing.
Cassandra Yes, the Mistborn books are good, and I enjoyed them. And the magic is very interesting, and grows well throughout the series. But I found them a bit tedious at times, and it felt like it took ages to read them - they're long, but for me a long book, if it's good, only takes a couple of days.

In my opinion The Rithmatist was far better, but quite different. Because you liked it, another book with an interesting, well developed magic system ( but not by Sanderson) is the Frontier Magic trilogy by Patricia C Wrede.
Kayla Rich I am a huge Sanderson fan. You really can't go wrong with any of his books. However, Warbreaker is probably one of my faves. Then of course is Stormlight Archives are freaking fantastic. They are long. But its just means that you get to enjoy them longer. There is currently two in his Stormlight Archives series. There will eventually be ten. The cool thing about Sanderson is that he operates in what he calls the Cosmere. Its his universe of books. They all have stuff in common. and I think he is going to tie them all together in the Stormlight Archives. Im so excited!
MrReid Mistborn is awesome. The original trilogy is great, and the first Alloy of Law sequel is good as well. Highly recommended.
Austin Mist born is great. The war breaker novel was a fun read as well. But my absolute favorite is his storm light archive series starting with the way of kings. There are not enough stars to rate it. Easily my top.
Jaime Redondo Yuste The Mistborn series is just awesome. It's true that in some moments of the second book I got lost, but I didn't expend more than one week to read each book.
If you liked Sanderson's way of writing, and his "80-20" strong magic systems, you'll love Mistborn.

//I start reading tomorrow the Rithmatist, hope it's good!
Latara All of Brandon Sanderson books are amazing, Elantris and The Mistborn series are definitely among my favorites!
Jingizu Mistborn is an excellent read, a great high fantasy trilogy. A good place to start with Sanderson's Cosmere books as well.

Elantris and Warbreaker are both excellent stand-alone novels.

His novellas are great, especially The Emperor's Soul, Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, White Sands and Sixth of the Dusk. His other novellas are set in worlds that already exist such as Secret History (Mistborn) and Edgedancer (Stormlight).

But my favourite so far, is his Stormlight Archive, starting with The Way of Kings. Fantastic read, excellent in all aspects.
Koty Duarte-Hesleph Hi Scott:
I think the Mistborn trilogy is a must. It is a masterfully created world with deep character development punctuated by cinematic action scenes.
The magic system is not ancillary to tale, but, woven into the fabric of the story. The system is defined as much by its limitations as its advantages.
At the end of the third book, I left satisfied. A perfect ending although I don't think it was predictable.
I also really like the Stormlight Archive and Elantris. But, my favorite is the Mistborn series.
Szm My advice: Read any book of sanderson you can get your hand on!!!!
Scott The first three Mistborn books are the only other Sanderson books I've read, and that series is easily the greatest book series I've ever read - of any genre. It definitely has much more depth and character development, so if you're looking for the more lightweight feel of The Rithmatist, then it's probably not what you want. However, it's simply a fantastic series and well worth the read.
Affie have you read stormlight archives?
Michael The Stormlight Archives are a must!
The Mistborn is also at the top of the list, (note that there are 6 books in that series with a 7th on the way).
Elantris is Great!
Atlas Warbreaker and Elantris and my absolute favourites - can't go wrong with them!
Duh Nance Elantris & Mistborn series are great reads! Definitely Recommend. I also recommend The Rithmatist.
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