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For readers who have read through this book and are watching the TV show as well--does the change of Robb Stark's wife from Jeyne Westerling to Talisa Maegyr bother you?

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Mitali It's a little annoying. In the book, Robb marries Jeyne for the sake of honour - he doesn't want to dishonour the girl he slept with by refusing to marry her. On the show, Robb marries Talisa just because she's hot. I think the former makes for a better and more interesting motivation. It also ties Robb to Ned: both father and son are overly concerned with honour.
K Having finished the book, and seen the seasons on tv first, It has not bothered me at all. I think having Robb break his oath for love and having them both fall at the Red Wedding translates much better to screen then introducing a barely know house, a wife Robb marries to reserve her honour after she seduces (however sweetly) him, with the open question of did Jeyne ever manage to conceive Robb's child?

Though given what's alluded to with the Westerlings, i'd say a cup of Tansy Tea would put things right for the Westerlings and their daughter.
Simonas In my opinion, it was not a wise decision. Because of the fact, that then you are reading the book, you are guessing: "What will Westerlings do now? Maybe it is not the end of the Starks' line if his wife is carrying a child".. (everybody presumes that youngsters is dead and Sansa married to Tyrion, so he would be the Lord of Winterfell, etc.). So I was intrigued.. On the other hand, in TV Show.. Wife is dead, Robb has no descendants - end of story, everything is clear...
Andreas As Jeyne isn't really a role in the books, so noone misses her. Talisa was a bit additional soap opera drama, totally unnecessary, but didn't harm either - at least she had some character. There are other deviations that bother much more.
Thibault Delavaud Yes a little. Jeyne Westerling is an important part of the story in the book as his affair is not well accepted by Robb's family and men. Furthermore, GRRM implies that Tywin Lannister and the Westerlings let Jeyne fall in love with Robb to weaken him. However, the TV show is great, it is just too bad that they could not do the same as in the book.
Los Libros de Irina I am currently reading the book, but I watched the series reaction to this was...What?!?! Robb Stark married a girl named Jeyne Westerling to preserve her honor, instead of marrying Lady Talisa Maegyr for love? No, no, no....
Drush76 No. I thought the television series' use of Talisa Maegyr was better handled than Martin's use of Jeyne Westerling.
Ari Papermaster No, it's literally the opposite. Talisa is such a better written character.
Febrina Erwanto For me, either the book or the show, the fact that Robb marries another girl instead of the Frey's daughter, whatever the reason, is annoying. I know it's going to lead to the important Red Wedding but he supposed to know his position as one of the kings at that time.
Samantha It didn't bother me too much because she wasn't a huge part of the books, but I liked the book version better. The show went for the typical star-crossed lovers, love at fist sight approach, and showed that Robb married her purely because of love.
In the books, he slept with Jeyne when he was absolutely distraught and grieving, and then married her because it was the honorable thing to do. I liked it a bit better because it showed how much he was like his father - he was so bound by his honour that it eventually led to his downfall. I just like the parallel that it makes between him and Ned better.
Tasmia Not even the slightest bit, tbh. Although I did like Jeyne better than Talisa because she wasn't mentioned too much.
Alasandra Alawine Yes, as does the Romance. In the book Robb was tricked into marrying Jeyne whose family was working for Tywin. He was trying to act honorably by marrying a woman he thought he had deflowered while a guest in her family's home. In the TV series we are to believe that he threw honor and duty aside for Love.
Raquel Jiménez Me molestó mucho. Cambian todo y en la serie la esposa de Robb va con ellos a la boda roja y está embarazada, cosa que en el libro no pasa. Era tan difícil ceñirse al libro?
Sonya What I want to know is, since Jeyne wasn't at the Red Wedding, is she pregnant? Then what's going to happen?? :D
Lil Durk Talisa was a thot
Vanildo Not so much. What I really didn't like was that she went to the red wedding along with Robb and Catelyn. In the book she does not go with them, and if I remember well, she stays in Riverrun.
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