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So, i watched the TV series and love it, so as i did with Buffy and Vampire Academy(kinda related), but i still feel insecure about this book. Is it really good and captivating? Is it boring? Should i read it even thought i disliked Twilight?

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Nastashia I read the books first a long time ago before I saw the tv series and I personally enjoyed the first two books....it got a bit weird for me somewhere near the end of the 3rd or 4th book (The books I had were compilation books each with I believe 2 or 3 books in them .... so I'm guessing it was more like book 6 lol sorry if I'm confusing you lol). When the series came out I was quite disappointed with it because none of the characters descriptions in my opinion matched the descriptions in the book (In the book Bonnie is short a curly redhead .... so I pictured someone that looked more like a teen version of Annie.... not a super pretty black girl with dark hair... so that really threw me for a loop, as well as the Steffan and Damon characters I pictured them looking quite different as well. Also, much of the storyline and events that happen in the book don't show up in the show at all. I would say at least give the first 2 or 3 books a read and see if they are your cup of tea, but don't expect them to be like the show at all because they are two different beasts.
Evan i watched the television show first as well and the book is quite a bit different. for a fan of the show you might be (like me) disappointed in this book.
Book Vamp Jade Williams I love the TV series, and I love the Damon/Elena spin through a few of the season but the book...blah! Will make you want to scream. Its the complete opposite of the series you know. Not one character is really "like-able". I read the first book sometime last year and stuffed it in a dark corner, I was so disgusted, mostly with Elena's character. But if you can read it with an open mind. AND NOT compare it to the series I wish you luck. Just re-started reading book the series, I want to see how much it differs as it continues but from what a friend says I might be disappointed in the female protagonist...
SnipesCC Don't read the books. I'm glad I watched the TV series even with how horrible the books are. Elena is a truly awful person in the books (like trying to get Stephan to fall for her by spreading rumors that he's a narc, so no one will be friends with him). Even the fact that she is morning her parents doesn't make her sympathetic, because she's such a horrible human being.
Jennifer Maloney Uh... no. Don't read it. Compared to books nowadays, this is a completely boring and poorly written book. Very flat uninteresting characters. Twilight is a 10 star book compared to this one.
Laura McToal I think it depends a bit on your age tbh. I read the books for the first time when I was 13 (long before Twilight was released), and I loved them. However, I have recently given them a quick read through again about 17-18 years after the first time and it is in no way good, particularly past the third installment.
Patricia Miller i watched the tv show first as well and i loved it its one of my favorites, but i really enjoyed the books, i know most of the answers here recommend you otherwise but hear me out, i hated the first two books, they were boring, annoying and its like nothing happened, but read them, its totally worth it because the 3rd and the 4th were AMAZING, i just bought 5th-7th and I'll how i like those but trust you should read the books, p.s. idk if this helps you decided taking my advice or not but i don't like twilight either
Arielle I am currently on the first season of TVD TV show, which encompasses the first book. About 48% through it. The characters are completely different in the TV show compared to the book. Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes, some of her friends were cut from the TV show. Bonnie McCollough was a redhead instead of African American as portrayed in the show. So it's little things like that. As I'm starting to watch the show, a line here or there from the book will be picked up in the TV show, so the producers do reference it. What I'm noticing as I read further is how outdated 'The Awakening' is. L.J. Smith published 'The Vampire Diaries' in 1989, 1990, or thereabouts. My copy, the updated TV show version, was apparently published in 1991. A lot of the slang terms and such would make sense to an audience growing up around that time. Therefore, it would make sense for the producers to update the TV show for a new audience, in the current generation. 'The Awakening' is a lot more of a 'paranormal thriller' feel in the book as opposed to the TV show. Things are constantly happening, whereas the show has to cut some material in order to fill the episode time-frame. So far I'm only partway through book one and not finished with the first season of the TV show yet, but everything does seem pretty similar. I'd say give it a shot.
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