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Is this appropriate for teenagers?

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Garden Gal This is not a small, easy book. IT IS a book for teens and adults who do not mind thinking as they read.
It is difficult to read at a single sitting because it will stimulate thought, and perhaps journaling.

I have read it only twice to date,and made discoveries on the second reading. Share it and talk about it with other readers.
Paloma Strong Depends. The subject matter tends to lightly address death and other matters that shouldn't be discussed lightly. If a teenager reads this books and feels that Muriel Barbery is patronizing suicide, then it isn't appropriate. However, once recognizing that the characters approach trauma with the only way they know how - grammar, art, and lucidity - the subject matter can be fully understood as the grim and serious topic addressed in the novel. Incredible novel; I would highly suggest this to all who need guidance or grounding.
Tansy Clement Excellent for teenagers! I learned many words I had never heard before. Really good for changing a negative life perspective to a continplation on the beauty of just being alive and enjoying small pleasures to get through the misery, loneliness, and tragedies of life.
literariel yes! at least for teenagers who appreciate and understand the subject matter and can follow that subject being played out in the book itself.
Primero Fin yes, teenagers need to read this
Eterushi I'm not sure what you mean, but regardless - the book is appropriate for all ages,
other than being captivating and timeless.
Darth For teenagers these days, yes.
morrigan For teenagers who like to read? yes.
Jean Fisher A thinking teenager could enjoy this novel, especially if they shared it by reading with a friend and discussing. The book really addresses the impact of friendship on individuals.
Ani Zen Yes, not problem.
Sue Nieuwenburg it is entirely appropriate, but could be heavy going if your teenager isn't into deep, philosophical discussion.
Andrea I am absolutely IN LOVE with this book!! It has totally captivated me so far! I have not seen any inappropiate so far.
j Yes, it's appropriate for teens. However, teens will not feel it is appropriate for them (much too lofty of a vocabulary level; beyond most adults...Shakespearean, practically. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Reading. Is. FUN.daMental. =) ;)
Paula Montagner Yes. the book is really good.
Tobia Ironically, it is juvenile, but inappropriate for teenagers, who have much more to learn from even the most mindless of superhero comic books.

Teenagers, lacking the maturity (both in a personal sense and as readers) that allows one to see how this book is terrible writing oozing some extremely ill and misguided ideas, are in fact especially vulnerable and, upon exposure to this stuff, increase their risk of becoming terrible young adults.

Teenagers have, generally, the privilege of not having encountered most of the great classics of the 19th and 20th century.

Why not start from those?
Ted Who cares? Wait a few years then read it. Sheesh.
Liam Murray Yes, but they should be prepared to be pensive and to go through warped, intense moments while reading it.
Kim Duong It is definitely not an easy and fun read for teens, and many adults. If a teen insists on reading philosophical literature, I'd recommend books like Sophie's world instead.
Amber It is absolutely appropriate for teenagers.
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