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Caitlin Elam asked:

Why the hell was this given so many stars? Did the author employ a sweatshop full of children to make bogus accounts to keep rating him at a 4-5?

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Matt Nope people just have different tastes. I love these books, i for one am tired of main characters who seem stupidly week and helpless. Its a fantasy escape reading books like this. Why would i want to watch the main character stumble around for four books until he or she finally gets the hang of it. Give me the badass hero from book one any day. Morgan Blaydes demon lorde series is another series that gets going right from the start, with a main character who is already strong.
Paul I'm with Matt, and really enjoying the series. Variety of characters that are well developed and you care about them. The semi-spinoff of "College Arcane" is great fun. I am re-reading the series and wishing book 9, "God Hammer", comes out soon.

Nice work, Mr. Conroe.
Milen Semkov I gave his books a 3-star rating because I base my ratings on a number of factors, one of which is literary value - as difficult to define and subjective as it is. You might be wondering, "why 3 stars then".

Well, if I rated purely on the enjoyment factor, it would've been a 5. They are a guilty pleasure, escapist type of book. If you don't enjoy the alternate reality Mr. Conroe has created, I can see how you'll be baffled at the books' high ratings. However, I've read hundreds of fantasy books from all subgenres and only a handful can measure up to how quickly I read them and how difficult they were to put down. Mr. Conroe definitely does something right, even if it's not your cup of tea.

I am also reasonably certain you can't realistically achieve an average rating of above 4 out of 4,500 ratings (currently) by mobilizing your friends and relatives, however numerous they might be.
David What matt said! I love OP protagonists that I can count on to get shit done and just have fun watching the interplay and imagining what it would be like to be so strong. Why would I want to imagine someone suffering and not getting what they want? More and more I want to read books where the only conflict is the obstacle that will certainly be overcome and not about failures etc. This is one of my favorite series.
Emily Sprouse I 100% agree. I was shocked when I logged on to review this book and saw it was given so many stars. The only thing I can think is that a ton of guys who have identity issues found solace in this completely bland and cliched character. The first book is digestible, at best. I am really struggling with the 2nd. I love the plot and concept, but the writing and the character development is just awful. I'm shocked that several people below say that the "characters are well developed". They are literally the opposite of that statement. But it is fantasy. And maybe this just fits very nicely in some people's fantasies. Cool.

Maybe it's just a dude genre series. I can never relate to books where the women aren't written at all like real women, but instead just men's idea of what a woman should be, is or could be... and the male characters are all written how men wish they were, rather than as they are.... But then, I devour nonsense of my own. So no judgment here.
Kody The author himself who I don't know personally is actually pretty cool. He's always updating his fans on his current progress. As for why people like this series.... Well i've read many urban fantasy series. Monster hunter international, The iron druid series, Mercy thompson, danial faust, dresden files, sandman slim, the pax arcana, etc.. I don't know what your standards are, but i honestly think the demon accords is one of the best series I've ever read. Chris Gordon, Special Agent Franks, and Bran Cornick (the marrok) are my top three favorite characters in all of fiction. Maybe i'm just a fan of competent, overpowered characters.
Anthony Russell Because it's Goodreads, people either think a book is perfect or the worst thing ever. No-one on this site seems to understand what an honest rating is.
Mit Sen Because people like overpowered MC for a change and I am one of them.
Conner This is a reply to an old comment. I gave it a 5 out 5. I have read this book at least four times already and I only plan to increase this number as I get older and I'm only 21. I consume literature at an insane level when I pick up a book I will either finish it that day or throw out because I can't read it anymore. The fact that I know the story from beginning to end doesn't hamper the enjoyment any less. To me its almost a classic. I never finish a book I don't like even if it was assigned by the school. I don't know if I have good taste or not but to me if I'm picking up the same book over and over again in my eyes its doing something good by my standards.
George Mathew Umm, it's a comic book essentially.
Camille this question is making me re-think my decision to read this book.
Christopher Ellis 100% agree. It was sort of a guilty pleasure but this is so obviously the author working out fantasies it made me a little uncomfortable. The main character going from "my life sucks" to "my life is awesome, but I dont realise it, because Im so badass at everything" is... poor. I managed to get to book 3 but I cant take it anymore.
Peter Plantec He's a good but not great writer. There is a lot of teen power fantasy here, but the stories are interesting and it's fun to see how he finds ever more ways to empower his people, and ever more nasty threats. I rate him 4 because I'm on his last book, having read them all, so there must be something keeping me at it.
Cameron Pickerill Well I'm sure that the author did pay for reviews, because these sorts of dirty dealings are actually super essential for anyone trying to get started in any field where they matter. Probably doesn't have to these days, but you never know.

Aside from that, the whole series is a political propaganda piece with a core of self-insert power fantasy for people like the author. Incels, unattractive low confidence young men, political extremists, etc. Like twilight but for conservative men.

In fact, this type of book is extremely common and commonly popular. There are so many successful books that fit this criteria of political alignment and power fantasy aimed at young men you could reasonably call it its own genre.
Wolfgarr Why do you expect other people to like or dislike the same things you do? Keep in mind that each and every one of the nearly 7 billion humans on this planet has their own opinion.

Opinion..Too many in society today a strong male character is something to degrade and scoff at. These same people perpetuate the myth that in western culture Women are somehow treated unfairly. When in reality Women are treated and given way more advantages than men. Note..This is True for Western Cultures, Not slave zones like the Middle east etc.
Emma Black I strongly suspect there's been a lot of family/friend reviews. Currently, comparing this to the rest of the books in my list of recently read/reviewed, this is a 4.16 and is thus outscoring Stephen King (Duma Key, 3.91), C.J. Cherryh (Foreigner, 3.96), and George R. R. Martin (Rogues, 3.88). I'm sorry, no. Just no. No no no.
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