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Okay, so now I'm just going to get real [sensitive topic ahead]: I was sexually assaulted by my older brother for years when I was just a kid; would this still be readable for me? I've heard such good things about this book, and I've got it recommended a lot of times, but at the same time I'm scared it will make me vomit and feel really bad.

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Mel Honestly, I don't know how you might react to this. I am terribly sorry about what happened to you when you were younger. This book is two siblings who fall in love and I feel like that situation might be entirely different than what you went through. I will say, there is a sex scene at the end of the book, however, it's more of a loving sex scene. I didn't see any abusive topics in their relationship but if you feel like it might be something you can't handle then I would say just don't force it :)
Niaomi I dont think anyone should read this, I sure didn't, just the mere fact that someone could make a book about such sick things makes me angry. This is not right I dont care that people are saying its a good book its sick. The person who made this is obviously sick too. Dont read this its sad and people defending it or who have even read it after they saw summary something is obviously wrong with them too.Tbh!! Who says hey its a book about incense I would love to find out more. And sweetie I'm so sorry about what happened to you, this is not healthy for anyone to read their making it seem like its okay to lust after your family because their in "love" I dont care what anyone says its disgusting and it isn't healthy for you to read after what's happened to you. Bless you ❤
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Shannon Fay From what I gather, the relationship in this book is based in love, and it just happens to be a pair of siblings who are in love, so with that in mind, I think you can read it without any sort of trigger issues. I mean, obviously, take it easy, it's not like you have to read it at all, or even finish it, so if you encounter a scene that's too much, just put it down.
But I think, probably, because the relationship between the siblings is a loving one that doesn't involve violence or betrayal you can handle it.

And that said, I have suffered many different kinds of abuse and still read book about people who are abused a lot, and I find it cathartic actually, because I can identify with the characters, and when they eventually triumph over it, and get better or whatever happens (get the courage to tell someone, escape an abusive parent, etc.), it gives me strength, and makes me feel better because I can share in a story of triumph too. I guess it just makes me feel like yes, I can heal too. And plus, reading these sorts of books helps me confront the things I've dealt with in what feels like a safe way to me. I'm thinking about these events and how I relate to them with my own past, but I know it's just a book, it's not like I'm confronting the PEOPLE who have abused me, so it feels like a much safer way to force myself to think about and deal with my issues than real life stuff. If that makes any sense.
Yogesh Jain I am sorry for wat happened to you in your childhood and I hope you had him arrested. And consisting this book If they don't keep reminding that they are siblings you will never actually feel that its a taboo story. When I read it more felt like it's a regular love story. I don't think it should affect you...
Frannie Cheska I'm sorry for what you went through but this book has no violence between the sibling so I don't think it would affect you. It is a sad situation they are in but it is a genuine love the grow into. Give the first few chapters a try and I'd you don't get into it then don't bother. The actual swxuality doesn't happen until later in the book
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