Sam Joseph Has

This was a complete waste of my time. This is a book full of hatred towards 1.5 billion people. What did you think?

[Name Redacted] Yes, I can see how directly and accurately quoting the Qu'ran, hadith, etc. could be construed as hateful.
eden What I think is that you're spamming Robert Spencer's books on Islam. You've asked essentially the same "question" on at least 3 of his books so far that I've seen. If you want to know what other readers think, here's a suggestion: Read the many, many REVIEWS that people have written.
James Jones I think you have no idea what you're talking about. Anyone who has studied Islam with an open mind and a neutral bias cannot help but reach the same conclusions that Spencer has. 1300 years of hatred and jihad cannot be erased just because those who hate suddenly claim it was all just a big misunderstanding. If you have ever been deployed to the middle east, their goals are undeniable. Are there innocent people too dumb to realize the true tenets of their newly adopted religion? Undoubtedly. So what? Those people aren't the ones to be concerned about.
Mariammm agreed, complete waste of time, this guy thought he did something lol
Oana If you choose to judge the Quran, then you need to take it as a whole, the same way Muslims take it.
If you want to judge Islam by Muslims, you need to consider all 2 bn of them. How is possible in a religion where hurting the feelings of animals is forbidden, drinking alcohol is forbidden, murder, stealing, etc., but thrive in killing innocents because we want virgins in Jannah. If you can not make heads of teil, then you just scratch the doors in the dark searching only for what is benefithing you.
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