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Trying to find an entry point to Pratchett and Discworld. If I start here as a complete noob, will I be utterly lost?

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Andrew I would start with "Guards! Guards!" if you haven't picked one already. It a few books in, but enough of the world is explained that you can catch on rather quickly. AND is the start of the City Watch sub-series, my personal favorite. The rest of the discworld books after that are great reads.
Kelley Reid Everyone has a history, and everyone has a back-story. With that in mind, you wouldn't be totally lost if you started here, but I would recommend starting with one of the several concurrent story lines, and there are several. Fortunately, GoodReads, and Amazon, both reference which story line a book is in and which book it is in the story. This one focusses on Commander Vimes, so if you intend to read to this one, start with Guards! Guards!
Other story lines include Death, Witches, Tiffany, ...
Personally, I like best the stories with the Nac Mac Feegles aka Feegles aka Wee Free Men, aka Pictsies-- which tend to be in the Tiffany stories. ya ken?
Ben Stack I would start with "Going Postal" its mid way through the series but very nicely explains the wacky workings on Ahnk Morepork and the city's patrician.
Leeza Probably best to start earlier in the series! The series follows many different characters throughout it's books, and keeps up with them. Although you can read almost any book as a stand alone, it's got more depth if you know who these people are and who the supporting characters are. It's just funnier that way, and you care a lot more. This book is about a man who is far along in his career and in life, and it's basically one big spoiler for where he goes from earlier on (everyone else has mentioned Guards! Guards!). Pick a character, and start with their first book, or just start from the start :)
I highly recommend any of the death books, they're just genius. The watch (like this one) are fantastic. I'm not a big fan of the Witches but many are. Wizards? You have to pick your thing ;)
Christine This one is quite far into the series, so it's better if you start with one of the first ones from a certain character's perspective. (In Commander Vimes' case, that would be Guards! Guards!) I highly recommend Mort (the first of the books centred around Death). Any of the standalone novels in the series work well also - such as Small Gods (one of the first 3 I read when I got into discworld close to 8 years ago), Thief of Time, or Monstrous Regiment. Some people think you should start with "The Colour of Magic" however, with the first novel Terry Pratchett hadn't quite hit his stylistic stride yet - but he totally has by the second novel "The Light Fantastic" which is a direct sequel to the first. After that, they are all up to his great writing standard. If you check the Wikipedia page out, and look at the column of character(s), you can follow a certain character's storyline, and/or know which novel stands on its own. (I went through all of Death's first, then Rincewind, now I've just finished Vimes.) Feel free to just pick one you like, too, as some backstory gets artfully told in each one, without it being expositional. You can fit in all the holes later, especially if you enjoy non-linear stories.
Louise I don't think you would be "utterly lost" but I don;t think it is a good starting point. The first book I ever read was Wee Free Men when I was 12. As an adult I got myself back into reading by starting with The Colour of Magic. From my experience, starting from the beginning is not the best way to really get into Discworld. So my advice is to start with one of the earlier ones that are the first of a series such as the aforementioned Wee Free Men (Tiffany Aching series) or Guards! Guards! (Watch series) Mort (Death) or Equal Rites (Witches).
Jan Kjellin No idea, really. But I was sent here by a friend who figured this would be a good starting point for me. It probably has a lot to do with personal preferences and such, though.

I asked for something on the darker side. That might be a hint.
Jakub Zahumensky Not at all. But I'd start from the beginning. it's what I've done - the first two are actually a double feature and considerably shorter than this one. I think it's better to start with a shorter book to see if you like the stuff and style.
Daniel Bratell I do not think this would be a good start. It is too dark so without the lightness of the rest of the series behind you it will not be as enjoyable as it should be.
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