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What kind of war book is this? I mean, is it WAR war, or is it the lives of people around the war?

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Gerhard Venter I think this is where the phrase "lost generation" originated. A 19-year-old became a veteran soldier if he could survive the first couple of weeks in the trenches. This is not a rabid anti-war leaflet, but rather a description of how the hell of shelling, hunger, cold, rats, etc. changed a whole generation's lives and hollowed them out, so they became unable to feel or hope for anything after the war. A wounded kid did not know how to ask a female nurse to go to pee, because he didn't know how to speak civilly anymore … just read it!
Boy Blue This is the kind of war book that will hopefully stop people going to war. It's about the horrors of war. It's about a man who will age more in two weeks than most people will in a lifetime. It's about all the men who went and never came back, and it's about those who went and came back broken. It's about the lives of people in war and at home and how they will never be able to understand each other again. It's about the millions of lives that evaporated in the Great War, fighting for causes they didn't understand and for people who will never know the sacrifices they made.
Michele Oh, it's WAR war all right. But not chest-thumping militaristic pro-war.
Hellsbooktique The book is about a 19 year old student, who joins war together with his class mates. The story is about the experiences one had as a soldier in first world war. It is very intense, we have to read it in school.
Serbay GÜL Erich Maria Remarque is one of the the biggest anti-militarist writer ever and this book is about bad effects of war on young people's life and brutally deads of these teens.
Dalton Carroll This book is based off of World War I, which was the first real 'world war'. The first World War messed up a lot of people mentally, because we as people collectively were not ready for the terrible things we would see in World War I. I do however, think this is a great memoir and should be more commonly studied by people.
William Freeman To me this is a great anti-war book
Ingrid Fong-Daley It's sort of a mixture of memoir with LOTS of truly engrossing experiences as testament to the horrors and senselessness of war... It often waxes philosophical, but in a very sensible way that doesn't pull away from the story's action.
You truly get a glimpse of the feeling of being present during the era of trench warfare and real face-to-face combat, differing opinions on the meaning of "humanity", and come to understand the protagonist as a friend you've known your whole life.
Does that help?
E it is WAR war in the true sense of word.
Timothy Morrison it is a nihilistic novel, a book about the "death of God"
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