Christina asked:

Hey all, I would appreciate your advice. I just finished the first book and it left me in a state of wonder. I know (after reading more) that the author has followed up with all kinds of things ... .05 and such. My question: I've only read the first book. What should I read now so as not to taint that experience? Thanks, community.

Morgan Nikola-Wren Hey Christina,

As someone who fell so hard for the first book that I have a tattoo referencing it on my foot, I felt honor-bound to answer this question. ;)

I found myself utterly and beautifully lost in all the rest of the books in the Fairyland series. Granted, I too, was worried that the sequels could not live up to the olden standard the first set for me, but as soon as I opened the second book and found myself greeted by the lemony narrator, I felt like I had been reunited with an old friend. The following four books serve to expound upon so many of the themes introduced in the original. And the short story prequel, The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland...But Only for a Little While, had me crying at the end, and then reading it aloud to my husband, because he just needed to know the story that badly. Also, if it's worth anything, I often don't finish all the books in a series. (No. Not even Narnia.) I'll like the first and maybe the next well enough, but I often get the feeling that the author is stretching things too far and my interest gets lost. So, I think that should count for something.

Hope this is helpful...Though, I just looked and saw you posted this question two years ago.


PS: If you're still looking for additional, arresting reading material with a fairy tale lean, I loved Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane so much that I took it to a wedding...and spent most of the reception reading it.

PPS: The tattoo is the glass orb with a leaf in it that The Green Wind gives to September. Because, my gosh, THAT WELL SCENE!
Viki Holmes Hi Christina! A state of wonder is exactly what I felt after reading this. You can safely read the other books in the series without in any way detracting from that initial delight, Catherynne M Valente continues to thrill in the next books in the series, even the short story telling how Queen Mallow came to rule Fairyland is exquisite. If you're looking for another author who will enthral you and break your heart at the same time I would highly recommend anything by Frances Hardinge, whose work is similarly breath-taking - Cuckoo Song and A Face Like Glass in particular. Happy reading! Viki
Leanne I feel exactly the same - am about to start the second in the series.

A much darker fairytale that I would also recommend is The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. I was also lost in that story and it has lingered with me long after reading.
Cassiandra Starrett how much is the whole series?
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