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What aspects of obama 's background becomes clear in the section on "Origins"?

Shreyasee Pal I am still reading the book and have completed reading the "Origins" portion.
I am really amazed to get an idea of the humble background Obama comes from. His inner conflict as a mixed race person is something that a reader will encounter a lot. Being brought up by his white grandparents mostly and also his white mother, its really heartbreaking to feel that till 9 or 10 years of age his black father was just an image in his mind as was woven by his white family. He was mesmerized from the stories of his father but when he met him for the first time he felt his life was better off without him in his life.
The "origins" delves into his childhood of dreams, hopes, confusions, conflicts and curiosities. We come to know of his journey from Hawaii to Indonesia and back to Hawaii and then to Chicago which has been of ups and downs . His conflicts and realizations of being neither a black nor a white and how it affected him in every sphere of his life right from school to college is something that we will encounter throughout.
We come to know that in spite of being a introverted person who chose his friends wisely, he realizes the power of his voice to address the people specially the black community.
All these help us to know what made him very humble,polite ,
philanthropist and lastly, the wonderful orator he is.
Андрей Раяновский Like any good good my edition doesn't have a table of contents.

I was able to eventually separate it as Part 1 which runs until his Chicago days, I think that is a bit past where I last left off.

In origins though Obama gives a very candid look into his insights. Possibly because he was not so immersed into politics he allows his hatred to flow unlike anyone seeking election would.

As far as origin it is a hefty one, the child looks up to the most deplorable characters and echoes some of the sickest words to live by without second thought as if they are gospel and not some dishonest tacts

More onto origins, the author talks out of turn a lot, most of this childhood stories sounds so bullshit that it is hard to take half of them at face value. Each instance reeks of the feels that after the event he thought of the perfect thing to say which is inserted into his manuscript. Another point that relates to his audacity to Brian Williams the story is how he writes about his mother being younger than eight as if those events happened to him just yesterday in full detail with so many extras clearly thrown in just detracts from what could of been real.

Still as a character study it gives great insight into his inner workings especially when you consider how often he tries to Alexander Hamilton his past.
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by Barack Obama (Goodreads Author)
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