Zoe asked:

Hi, could young teenagers read this book or is it not suitable for that age group? Many thanks!

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Nschiefelbein i'm 13 and i read this book and enjoyed it, so... :/
Mike McGregor Jr Considering what most movies and television shows portray these days, this book really isn't that bad. I would say if the young teenagers have seen the movie "300" starring Gerard Butler, than they have already seen much worse. Besides, that movie was based on a graphic novel that found its inspiration in this book.
Ultimately, the choice is yours. The overall theme trends towards a more adult audience, but there are valuable lessons for any young adult contained within these pages.
Nathan The main character's cousin is raped early in the book, and there are some pretty graphic descriptions of the gory work of war. I would say probably not.
Charles I first read it before I could drive, but after I stopped riding a bicycle, except in an emergency? Is that maybe 15?
Adam Harley Hi Zoe, I think an older teen would have a lot of gain from reading this. It's remarkably well researched and there is a lot more than meets the eye here. It goes deep on the importantce of brotherhood, and sacrifice for the greater good. There are good lessons here that teens would struggle to find on TV, film or even in other more modern books.
As others note through there is graphic violence and a rape scene early on so I would advise its best for older teens.
Lance Terrill I wouldn't let my young teenager read it. Rape, graphic profanity and violence ... I know it is part of the world but unwise to let youngsters read it. Good point from another reviewer that it would be a good read at 17 before going into the military. The other more subtle negative is that the book glorifies strength above all, and this worldview is not what I am teaching my children.
Jared I read this book as required summer reading when entering the ninth grade. It was slightly uncomfortable at times, but I have to regard the experience as constructive, perhaps even profound. I would recommend this book to teenagers of that age group, and apparently so would my school, or at least a choice between it and "Emma" by Jane Austin. I think you know which book all the 14 year old boys picked that summer.
Vblack Yes! Young teens will be making the decision to take up the profession of arms or not. This novel is the best work (Besides "All Quiet on the Western Front") ever written on soldiering. Let them know the truth before taking up the rifle (Spear).
Alexandros Nicolaides I think it is fine if the teen in question is mature enough and is not too sensitive. The book was designed for adult audiences and contains some explicit content that could be traumatic or not, mostly regarding violence and sexual matters. If they can handle detailed gory scenes and things such as child rape, than it should not be much of a problem.
Anthony Burgess I am 14 and i am reading it and i understand it well
Balazs Feher-Gavra I certainly would. The mentioned details are (or were for the most part, although I have a hunch people living in warzones today would disagree) parts of war and life. Instead of relying on epic shows and books lacking these details I think it's important for information sources to be real. And this book certainly is, also in the sense that it's very well-researched.
Mike I am into chapter 13 so far and I would not recommend this to a teen reader. The descriptions of war, the horrific realities of life during this time of human history is quite sad and graphic. I am really appreciating living in America in 2015 the more I read this book.
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