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So... Revelations or Chronicles? Which goes first? Which series is more entertaining? Go, go, go!

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Michael It depends on what type of stories you like. The series have different approaches.

Revelations was a series that was carefully designed with regards to how/where it starts and ends. I wrote the entire series before publishing any of the books and this allowed me to build the story slowly with multiple plot threads and an overarching story line that exists across the entire series. For me, I really like seeing various "clues" along the way and trying to piece together how its all going to play out in the end. I have what I feel is a very satisfying conclusion (confirmed by those who have read all the books) and while the series might seem to start out slow and simple, most who finish realize there was a method to my madness and the decisions make sense once everything is "revealed."

The Chronicles are a different animal. I have no idea how many there will be and instead of one long tail divided into individual episodes they are more "standalone" in design. The reason why I don't know how many there will be is because I don't want Royce and Hadrian to "overstay" their welcome. For this reason, I'm releasing a book, then gauging whether people still want more. If they do, well I have plenty of stories to tell. If not, well I have plenty of OTHER stories to tell.

Personally, I have a soft spot for Revelations because it fits my reading style better (interwoven plots) than Chronicles. That being said, I've seen tons of reviews for people finishing up Chronicles with statements like "best one yet." Part of that may be because I'm a more experienced author (Chronicles were written in 2011 where as Revelations were worked on starting in 2002).

As for what "order" to read them in..I recommend starting with Revelations first (Theft of Swords)...unless you are a person who REALLY prefers chronological order. Here are some thoughts on the reasons why.

1. Reading in "publication" order exposes you to the world and characters as I originally intended you to "meet" them. Unlike some novels that do a lot of "front-loading" I expose the background of the characters (and a lot of the detail about the world) across the whole series so you'll always have more to learn about them. In the prequels, the characters are pretty much "fully formed" and I don't retread background that was already discussed in the Revelations series.

2. I have planted some Easter eggs for readers of Revelations to find. They aren't big plot points, just little nods and winks to "those in the know."

All that being said, the books were designed so you CAN read them in either order, and in fact I've heard from a lot of "chronological" readers who insist theirs was the best way to go. So, all in all I think you'll enjoy the books either way. But since you asked, I say starting with Theft of Swords is my preferred method...FWIW.
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