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Dlasta pm'd me to ask: the process for choosing these specific beings for this book and how does that work anyway with the mythology and your research. Tell me about it please?

R. I wrote Little Wolf first. I wrote Little Wolf, and soooo much of Little Wolf is about the town. Wolf’s Paw has history and tradition that affects everything Nathaniel does, and I realized it needed more. Also… well… Little Wolf is kind of intense and er, difficult, and uh, not for everyone, and I wanted to show him from an outsider’s pov. I chose a werewolf because it’s a town about werewolves and all that history and tradition has to be shown through one. But I wanted a human as well because for all intents and purposes, Little Wolf is human, and we need to see this town as they see it.

Then I was telling Coffee about this little town where the library was opposite the firehouse and imagine sitting there with a book and watching them wash the trucks. And then, um, we got into talking about mates, and tragically fucked up matings, and what that would mean.

If there is a theme in the Beings in Love stories, it’s that even the beings themselves don’t know a lot about anything. (I mean, no one really knows anything about love) Humans have myths about the beings, and the beings have their own stories, but many of them have scattered or hunted and their traditions are lost. With Theo (and with Sheriff Neri) they are constantly told that this is the way things are, that there is nothing they can do. But, as you see, that isn’t true at all.

That, I think, is the underlying fact of this mythology—and is probably what led me to write the short stories as I did. Research tells you the stories, but stories change over human history. Now imagine them with real beings involved too.
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