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With the exception of all the 'data,' and the observations of the overwhelming vast majority of scientists around the world, and the countless peer-reviewed studies, as well as detailed, multi-decade observations of weather, is there really any evidence? I'm skeptical.

Daniel I get your irony, but just playing along with this, it's natural to be doubtful of climate science because, more than likely, everyone around you behaves as if climate science is not true. Furthermore, virtually every movie, TV show, sporting event, etc. glorifies burning fossil fuels.

If climate science is real, then the remaining "carbon allowance" (the amount of greenhouse gases humans can "safely" emit) is so small that your globally equitable individual share is less than two tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. For comparison, the average USA citizen emits about ten times that much. A wealthy person could easily emit 50 times that much. For most people in the world, their personal contributions to climate change are more a function of their incomes than anything else. The more money people have, the more greenhouse gases they dump into the atmosphere.

If climate science is true, then nothing like the typical USA lifestyle is possible.

For example, according to ExxonMobil, even in the year 2040 (25 years from now), 90% of transportation energy will still come from fossil fuels. Yet we need to make a 90% across-the-board cut in our greenhouse gas emissions RIGHT NOW. Even among environmentalists, you won't see many who call for an immediate 90% cut in motorized transportation. But if we actually believed climate science is true, that's one of the many difficult things we'd be doing.

For most people, facts and evidence do not primarily determine what is true to them. What matters most is what they see other people doing. And what virtually everybody is doing right now is betting their biosphere that climate change is bunk.

However, if you read a few dozen books that cover the facts and evidence for climate change, you'll realize there probably has never been a bigger disconnect between society and scientific reality than there is right now on climate change.
Larry Piper Of what are you skeptical? Basically climate is driven by levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. This is well established. It has been well established for over a century. If you don't understand the spectroscopy of CO2 you won't understand this, and will have to accept it as a true statement from those who do, or else learn enough to show people who have understood the spectroscopy of CO2 for more than 100 years that they've had it wrong all along. To do that, you need to have _real_ data and analysis, not just statements of "belief". Pretty much the only contrarian voices on the science are a handfull of liars for hire who can make things sound scienc-y, but who show no real understanding of the issues.

Higher levels of CO2 lead to more general warmness. The levels of CO2 have been increasing since the beginning of the industrial age, when we began burning things up faster than we could regenerate burnable things (e.g. by growing more trees). The CO2 stuff doesn't just explain earth's climate, but also the climates on other planets. There's a reason why Venus is hotter than Mercury, it has a ton more CO2.

Of course, it's a bit more complicated than this, you have to know a little bit about the spectroscopy of water and methane and throw in a bit of particulate scattering and, of course, variations in solar radiation levels. When you do these fine tweaks, observations over many decades are consistent with models.

So, do you just not want to believe science because it's politically inconvenient, or do you have some scientific understanding that 99.44% of the rest of us don't have?

You also have to realize that day-to-day and year-to-year weather isn't the same as climate. Florida has a warmer climate than Sweden, but once in a while, Florida gets snow and has freezes. Once in a while, people can wander around outside in Sweden naked and be perfectly comfortable.

Go read through the ACS climate toolkit, and then come back and tell us what part of the science doesn't make sense.
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