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who inspired yoganand to become a monk?

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Vikram CL Each soul has it's own purpose, based on his soul purpose he got attracted into spirituality and then became a monk.
Aakash Mahasaya Lahiri and curiosities surrounding him
Jeff Hayford Famous Guru who wrote a book that scientifically explained the life process. I'm not sure of the spelling as I'm not at home now, his name was Sri Yuktswar (sp). Yogananda moved to his Ashram when he was an early teen and was there until this Guru told him he was to be "the first bridge from East to West" by attending a World Religion Conference in Boston. Yogananda did not want to go, feeling he was not prepared. He expected to return to India within a week or two, however, he blew 1920's meat and potatoes America away with his natural magnetism and ability to answer spiritual questions no one else could. He was asked to visit communities one after another, the book "Man's Eternal Quest" has the unscripted, unplanned speeches he gave and answers to the deepest philosophical questions. It is comforting during the darkest times and together with this book, countless celebrities and extremely successful people believe he saved their lives. Including Steve Jobs, his iPad had one book on it and it was this, George Harrison said he'd have been just another "so and so" if not for this book.

Eventually, his following and supporters grew until he discovered the ideal spot for an Ashram in America. It was where he established The World Fellowship that's there to this day. Thousands of devotees practice his unique Krya Yoga together online daily from all around the world. Visit for yourself at It will change your life.
Ravi Chander Lahiri mahasya was his inspiration.
carmelia P. Yogananda was already a spiritually elevated and conscious soul since he was in the womb of his mother (ref. Chapter 1 of Auto of a Yogi). The present life and life-purpose of a person continues from where it ended in his/her past life (Bhagwat Gita).
Even a partially awakened person may have an urge to live the life of a monk, destined to live as a householder. (as his Paramguru, Lahiri Mahasaya lived).
All inspirations come from within. Even when a person is inspired by another, it still first comes from within.
Jessaka First, I would say India. Second, I would say his parents, and perhaps because as a child he was inquisitive in regards to magic and hypnosis as a child, he wanted to learn more, and I must add that his parents did not approve of his antics. When you see what you can do by fooling and having control over people, it sometimes goes to your head. I am sorry that I can't be more positive about this, and talk about his love for God, which I can only suppose he had.
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RAJAN mahasaya lahiri
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