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Most reviews give poor ratings due to it being like other N.R. books - as a 1st time reader of her work, will I enjoy this book? Or should I expect it to be boring regardless?

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Caitlyn "Books Are My Life" Baker I love Nora Roberts. She's kind of an escape from the natural and normal. While her books keep things tied to reality enough so that it doesn't get too outlandish, she delves into magic in this series and a couple of others. I love her writing because she's so great at characterization and description. Yes, her books are very predictable in terms of who gets with who, but the unexpected twists in her novels and her surprises in her trilogies keep me entertained. But I think it's kind of nice to have that predictability in books. It's in life where we get thrown all the hurdles and I find it comforting to know that some things never change.
Sharon I really enjoyed this book. I read it in less than 24 hours. The first couple of chapters I struggled some to get through, but after that i couldn't read it fast enough. I've read most of her books. The "In Death" Series is one of my favorites, and yes, sometimes they are predictable, but I love the way she weaves her stories. One of her earlier trilogies that I really like is the Three Sisters Island ... and The Blue Dahlia, Black Rose and Red Lily books are favorites of mine also. =) Happy reading!
Marie Z Johansen since this was posted so long ago you have most likely made your decision by now, but as a non-Nora Roberts reader before, and confirmed fan now...I say that you should give this trilogy a go.

once I brgan reading I could not stop...had to wait just a bit before the last book came out, but imho it was so worth the read. i think that this trilogy is "escape" reading at it's best. Predictable relationships? yes. But there arevmore than enough plot twists to made these enjoyable reads. of course, YMMV (you mileage may vary) !
Raevyn Smith this is my first NR book and I honestly and finding it really hard to get through. It's pretty blase, Iona talks too much and has this incessant need to ramble about nothing. I don't know if I can find the motivation to finish it.
Ashley Kennedy This is my first Nora Roberts book and I love it. In two days I am 3/4 of the way done!
Mandy I read this trilogy as my first N.R book as well and personally I really liked the story. Yes it is somewhat predicatble, but the characters are interesting and I wanted to find out more about them. Many reviews are negative, and I was really happy hadn't read any of them before I started the book.
I read some other summaries of N.R. Books and am unsure of continuing more of her books, but this one I do like a lot.
Dawn While I was definitely familiar with Nora Roberts name, this was the first book of hers that I read (I finished it earlier this month). It had its moments, but overall it was difficult getting through the book - I almost quit a few times, but it's really hard for me to give up on a book. It was fine, but predictable even without reading her other works. I won't be reading the other two books in the trilogy as I can pretty much guess what happens. Because I was so familiar with her name, I was expecting it to be a great book by what I thought was a great author - and maybe she is - but I'm not sure if I'll try any more of her books or not.
Aline I loved these books. I've read these a few years back, but I think I'm going to read these again. I know you posted this a long time ago but I thought I would answer anyway haha. I hoped you liked them.
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