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David Rayek asked:

I've herd that the book is really slow, most of my friends didn't finish it. I like psychology and I love mystery. Would you think this book is for me? Do you think is not slow?

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Arantxa In my opinion. Although it took me too long to finish it (because of my reading level), I absolutely loved it. The characters are unpredictable and they appear in the story in the most appropriate moment wich gives life to the plot.
I'd recommend you to read "The Analyst" if you are that kind of person who enjoys trying to discover who is involved in the crime, who is lying and who's not. This novel is a masterpiece in which you need to have all your senses on.
Emmanuel Absolutely, is a good book. Recently I finished it. And yes, it has many slow moments, but is part of solving the mystery, if you like psychology and mystery, this book is for you.
Amouna Beltif well i'm currently reading this book but i got say it had me anticipated to read more, it might look slow but it has so many twists, the writer is a pro i really like it so far
Osman Completely disagreeing with the two previous answers .. I've found this book amazing, had me in constant tension and was an easy reading too. Never got bored and certainly hasn't seemed slow for me. But that's just my opinión.. ;)
Oralip Sepulveda It's too slow!
Mariajo Hi David! I read the whole book and I do agree with them. The book is slow and although it has interesting parts, I do believe it could have been a better book if it was shorter... I actually gave it to a friend to read it and without giving any opinion before, he agreed with me in every single opinion.

If you love mystery, this book could/will disappoint you, so I do not think you should read it (I actually finished it not because I loved it, but because once I start reading a book, even if it is bad, I have to finish it). But I am the kind of person who thinks everyone should have their own opinion about something, because everyone likes different things, and of course my opinion is not universal... (: So if you decide to actually read it, good luck because even the worst book has something special (;

Good luck with your readings!
Andrea Franco a mi no me parece tan lento ya que tiene muchos giros inesperados por lo que el libro es muy interesante, yo me lo termine en menos de una semana (aclaro que leo rápido y frecuentemente) pero me pareció muy bueno
KeyMB David Rayek, i think it is slow, but that is all about, because if it different you didn't get that connection with the protagonist. Also, it is for me a good way to see the characters mysterious and more human, indeed with fictional characters always have a type of overpower and unusual mind-strength. It took me two days to read it and since the first i had the book on my power i couldn´t take my eyes away.
Jose Ramirez Not slow at all.
Enrique I admit it does get slow from time to time, but I feel it is worth continuing so far. I have reached chapter 8.
Pepe Garvill I think it is a great book, although in some parts it was kinda' slow, but besides that it is a book that is totally worth it.
( But many of the times, it depends on the reader, i mean maybe your friends didn't liked it cause the don't like the psycho or maybe they just don't want to think)
Mike I agree that the book is slow.
J.F. Forero I wouldn't recommend it neither. It is not only a slow book; it is just not good enough (in my opinion). At the beginning you might think amazing things are about to happen. Maybe a great twist at the end, but no. Kind of predictable, cliché ending. If you have read one book of Katzenbach, you have read them all. I am reading Red, which was supposed to be really good, and well, it is not. Many things that happen in this book, the analyst, happen in Red, it is almost the same story.
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