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Leila Bathke asked:

So would it be too young for a 9th grade student?

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Jessie Definitely not! This is one of the best books in the world. You could be 100 and still enjoy its suspense!
Sam No such thing as "too young"! Read it as a senior in high school, found it very imaginative and enjoyable.
Charlotte Walker No way! I read it when I was in Seventh grade. I'm in ninth now and I'm still reading it.
Brandon Augustus Certainly not. I am in 9th grade and reading it right now. Easy to read and less complicated, maybe based toward younger readers but still very enjoyable for me.
John Bell I got this book recommended by my librarian in 3rd grade but I never started it probably because it was to hard to read but I finished it easy in 4th grade and I loved it. I'm going Into 5th grade this year and I am hoping to finish the sires once I'm back in the library again.
Julio i'm 24 and i just finished reading it. does that answer your question?lol
Leigh Turner No! I read it in third grade and loved it very much. It may be a little old for a ninth grader, though. But still a great book
Alyssa I read this book in 6th grade so it would definitely not be too young for a 9th grader
Kylie I read the book in eighth grade and loved it! It still had me intrigued and guessing. It is so fun to read. I will probably come back to this series as an adult.
Megan Not at all! I am in ninth grade and am reading it and I love it so much!
Amelia Martin Definitely not! This book is fascinating, interesting, and entertaining for any age, and appreciation for the great writing only increases with age.
Mallory Nope. It has strong vocab but is not a tough read. I read it in 9th grade. Still love it
Becky Of course not! I am an adult currently reading it and I love it!
✿ mackenzie ✿ Yes. I read it when I was in fourth grade.
Cooper Never. Hover, I would suggest anybody be 10+ as there is some “hard” words.
Star No way. It is awesome.
Rose Nope! Got book one for my 14th birthday in mid-summer; now I'm in 9th grade and on book three. Heck, one of my online friends, age 18, still loves these books to death.
Mayumi Qualter NOOO! I was going into 5th grade when I read it for the first time. It was really great and fun to read. It's also good to read if you like puzzles & mysteries.
gwen Never! I'm eight grade going into ninth and I love this series!
Grzegorz Definitely not. You can read it at any age and enjoy the story.
Lacy Absolutely not, I am currently reading it with my boys one of which is in 7th grade and the other in 9th grade and we are all truly enjoying it. The book has a whimsical feel and reminded me of my childhood favorites such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other books by Roald Dahl. Hope you try it and enjoy as much as my family has.
Mia P Of course not. My teacher read this book to my 5th grade class when I was younger and I had a friend who read it and was the same age and we are at the same reading level.
Michael Blumberg I read it in 3rd grade.
Haley Ford Not at all!! I want to get my parents into these because I think all ages should read this book!!
Tedra My juniors recommended this novel for my 4th grade nephew. He loved it! He laughed out loud while reading and couldn't wait to share it with his friends and teachers. So far, I'm enjoying it. Even caught myself laughing out loud.
Goofygirl323 Depends on the kid.
Iley no i read it in 4th grade. great book but if you are opposed to the word stupid dont read. i love it just got it for my bday yesterday
Avaminn F'nett No, it's a book that can be enjoyed by all ages. For a kid's book, it's really intelligent.
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