Rach0le asked:

Anybody else hoping he doesn't end up with Olivia? Or am I the only one

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Head in the clouds Me too! She basically pined away for him for years while he has been sleeping his way around the world - and now she finally has a chance at a new happiness - why the hell shouldn't she take it?!
Rach0le Haha ok so I read the blurb and honestly, I ain't too mad about it. But my change of heart stems from some solid facts like...The fact that she actually decided to move the eff on instead of just pinning away being a stagnant character while the others around her grew as people during their own stories. I think I was also annoyed about how she was lofted up as this exceptional person but really it seemed like so far her awesomeness culminated in her fling with Lyon when she was young and she's been treading water/ not going anywhere since, that is, until recently. Also it somewhat annoyed me that she was toted as some sort of radical when really all she does is pass out flyers/reading material (I know, it is pretty radical for time but still) and sit around cozy on her dad's dirty money.
Jade I feel the same way! I know that most likely she'll end up with him, but I have my fingers crossed that the author will surprise us and let her be happy with the new guy.
Rebeca Figueiredo im hoping he DOES end up with her, but why do you wish he doesnt?
Miriamgreen any reader who imagines Olivia ending up without Lyon has not read their stories in detail, the attraction, the insults, the separation, the demands, the failure of trust, and the beginning which was her scorn. The reckoning answered all questions of anger, fury, insult, separation, and final reconciliation with aplomb. Olivia's code was never to lie. So how could she wed Landsdowne as a consolation she would never love. Once a heart is given, Isolde tells her she might love again. That sentence has been overlooked by all who wished her marriage of a lie. To give her body for life? impossible for either of them.
Ruth You all can't possibly believe that Olivia and Lyon won't end up together. Get serious.
Amanda Vogt Part of me wishes they go their separate ways. They have both moved on. But don't forget, even tho Lyon has been pirating around the world and might know a deep dark secret about her father, she told him he wasn't worthy of her. That is why he originally left. So, if they get beyond all that, not to mention her fiancée...
August June 💘 Oh wait, has it been revealed yet as to how and why Lyon went away many years back? I dnt think so. So far, we have seen the story of Olivia and we don't even know wat happened between the two even from Olivia's point of view. So, I am still rooting for Lyon and Olivia. Come on, many of us waited like eternity for the love story of these 2! One more month! Sigh!!
Emily No way. I want them together, but I want to see Lyon work for it. It has been reading about poor Olivia in all of these books.
Jen Ha, me too! Lyon was immature for leaving and selfish for staying away so long, but Olivia was pretty unyielding and inflexible too. I think they'd both be better off with someone else!
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