Josh asked:

Anyone have an opinion on whether Brilliance is appropriate for 10-12 year old kids?

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John It's too mature for kids that age, but I'm also unsure where the reference to incest and pedophilia is coming from, I just finished this and that simply isn't true.
Yaaresse As with any book and any person, it depends on the potential reader's maturity level, her/his ability to read critically, and whether s/he understand the difference between fiction and reality. It could be appropriate for some 12 year olds and not appropriate for some adults.

Every time I see a question like this, however, I realize I should have thanked my parents for never censoring my reading material. They figured I would simply be bored by something not "age appropriate" and would move on to something that was. They were right.

Heather Brinkerhoff Burdsal Too much talk about sexual fantasies, including incest and pedophilia, for me to give it to a kid.
June Bartlett 13 and over. Definitely not 10 year old but that aside, the reference below to pedophilia and incest is just nonsense. Just finishing the 3rd book of the trilogy and as John says it simply isn't there at all.
John Jennings Explicit language, mature themes etc. I would give it a definitive "no".
Rob Howard For that age I would say not. There was one sex scene, but it wasn't all that explicit. There was much more frank talk about sex. Language isn't excessive, but has not been written with children in mind. Casual use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Lots of violence. Most of it is video-gamey, but some is very disturbing. I'd wait a few years.
Nancy I would read this book before giving it to a pre teen. I found it to be very good but the premise of this series might be a difficult concept for pre teens. I also read the next book in the series and am eagerly waiting for the final book to be issued.
Chris Hart It's not complicated in writing style but it is inappropriate in content. It's not appropriate to give it to children. I wouldn't be surprised if encouraging children to read about such adult concepts and acts could even be considered grooming.
Quentin Feduchin They would simply find it boring.
Totally inappropriate question.
Dawnstream I wouldn't give it to a kid, but I sneakily read similar books at that age. There's some violence, a little lust, and some alcohol and drug abuse. One brief, minor character is a drug-addicted prostitute, and her position is an effect of sexual abuse.
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