Carolyn asked:

Is this worth reading after watching the movie? Does this book do the Oscar-winning movie justice?

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Jenya Yuss In my opinion it is the movie that does not do this wonderful book it's due justice!
Victoria Yes definitely. I am half way through the book and it goes into much more detail than seen in the movie. It also details Jane Hawkins understanding of many of Stevens ' theorem and her own research into Medieval Spanish Poetry. The main theme of the book is Jane's selfless goal to allow Stevens message to be heard. You could almost say she sees it as a religious calling which is ironic as Steven Hawking is a confirmed atheist. Interesting reading. 5 stars.
Kathy Matts I think the movie did a good job of summing the book up in as short a time as possible and enjoyed it very much. However, there is so much more detail in the book that gives about each of their lives that you can immerse yourself in. The book brings out more emotion and does an excellent job of giving her story the human element. I do agree that there are a few boring parts but overall it is an extremely interesting and engrossing story.
Ilaria Fevola I think the book is the story told by Jane about her life with Stephen, her personal journey to love a man with disability. The film focuses a lot also on Stephen's career and story as man and scientist. For how beautiful the film is, I have enjoyed more the book for the female-like perspective and sensibility.
Elena The book was detailed. Some parts were boring and useless. I think the movie's better. The director focused on the important things.
But if you want to get more informations about the life of Jane Hawkins, I suggest that you read the book.
Christine Yes, I got so much more out of the book than I did the movie.
Joanne Yes, I agree with Jenya, it is much better than the movie, both for the usual reason that a book can give much greater, more detailed information/explanation and because it humanises the subjects, allowing the reader to to 'get to know them' in a more personal way.
Rosemaryknits The book obviously has the correct facts, but shezam, the book is a chore. The movie is spectacular. You need to see Eddie Redmayne BECOME Stephen Hawking. It is a beautiful movie.

The book is a solid chore. I felt like a plow mule, working my way through it. Just, wow.
Ana You obviously get a lot more from the book and it is ultimately more about her than it is about Stephen Hawking. The thing is that all this new stuff you get is mostly unnecessary and far too over analysed, in my opinion. It's a big dive into their lifes but it can end up being terribly boring if you're not really super interested in the topic.
It's worth reading, but I would say with no relation to the movie because it ends up being a totally different thing.
Annemarie Callan I am in the process of reading the book and will then watch the movie. Obviously a movie can only take so much from the book but I am enjoying the book for many reasons and one being, the setting in Cambridge is very familiar to me as is the period of time. Jane is a very intelligent woman in her own right but put her husband's needs first, thus showing her very unselfish nature.
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