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I'm reading Fingersmith and have just started Part 2...... I am so upset by the beginning of this section that I've put the book down and am not sure I want to finish it. How long does this last? Should I push through? Does it lighten up soon?

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Sheila My guess is if you didn't like the first part you won't like what follows, which is pretty much more of the same but in places even grimmer. I don't want to say much more about the plot but I find myself completely immersed in this quasi-Dickensian thriller. The atmosphere and characters are outstanding, I think.
Julie I would not say it lightens up. If anything, it gets a bit more twisted. But you're definitely at the most upsetting part in terms of how people treat each-other physically....
David Krause Absolutely. This shift in perspective is part of the charm of the book and the author's creativity.
Carmen It goes on much too long.
Cassandra Paffrath I hope you finished it :) I really enjoyed this book and it h as a surprise twist at the end.
Marcy Cecily is correct, it depends why you stopped. I shy away from books about various kinds of abuse, but this wasn't over the top, and the rest of it is so fantastic I recommend going on.
Carissa The book starts out SLLLOOWW and then takes an unusual turn. I loved that I found a story that surprised me, it seems so rare. I was able to see this at the Shakespeare festival in Ashland - fantastic!!
Michael I am finding it fabulous reading. But I saw the recent Korean Movie "The Handmaiden" which i enjoyed so much that I had to read the book on which it was based. If you are unsure of the book, perhaps watch the movie then return to the book which has so much more detail and back ground.
Shayna Marks If you are still wondering, push through. I, too, found some parts of the book to read hard because of the subject matter, but it is so worth it! Especially if you have enjoyed the story so far. I hope you have finished the book, but in case you are still looking for some advice, you should definitely push through.
Cecily It depends why you don't like it. If it's just the surprise that it shows things you read about in part one to be untrue, or at least very different from how you initially interpreted them, you may come to enjoy that.

If your concerns are that you don't want to read about people, especially children, being mistreated in various ways, you may prefer to stop. There is no graphic detail, but some of the situations are rather grim.
Isabella I watched the handmaiden first and foremost...I have not read the book but O d like to. Trust me the story does get better , you may think everything is hopeless considering the MC went to the madhouse and was tricked...but thats not all that meets the eye as there are many double crossings and plot twists. I will say everything was really tasteful except the very ending
Chryssoula Tsiknaki Don’t give up it’s worth it
Elena Woontner Right. I finished and found it extremely predictable, plodding on and on. And the ending you can see from a mile away. If only it had been shorter.
Debra Weller I too was anger or even repulsed by the ending of Part 1, but then that's part of the genius of this book. You don't know who to trust!

I'm not sure what you mean by lighten up. Victorian England was not pretty or kind to the poor. If you don't like Dickens, then you probably won't like the rest of the book.

Kiesha ~ Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd Yikes. Now I am nervous-- I'm just on part 1. Appreciate the other readers weighing in.
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