Tristan Knight

Has anyone out there read a more cynical and depressing book than this?

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Guillaume Rosier YES

The blind owl - Sadegh Hedayat.
Janna Shaw In some ways, Knausgaard is doing a fine job of blowing Celine off his existentially murky pedestal . Where Louis F. finds, and notes, the humor in the situations he finds himself in, Karl Ove laments in his observing, even in what should be amusing chapters of his life. This may have to do with Knausgaard's writing style (many consider it needlessly droning) but I also think it has to do with his landscape (raised and schooled in Norway.) At least Celine got to do some traveling and see his life through different lenses of the world.

And in response to Robert's answer before me, his second book "A Time for Everything" has been compared to the Bible in a number of reviews. Perhaps you should check it out if your nihilism grows wary of Vogue...
Robert Kettering In some ways, Hemingway's Old Man And The Sea, though not nearly so rich and hilarious...and of course both books of The Bible, not to mention the Obituary Page of the newspaper, and the Fashion Page.
Hux Depressing? It was one of the funniest books I ever read.
Øyvind No. I didn't like it, actually. It's a good book, but Bardamu's anti-humanist outlook on life offended my morality.
Xin Ding I find Leonid Andreyev's short stories are darker and deal with depression in a more hystirical way. Try The Red Laugh and The Seven Hanged.
Sribeyre Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky is even bleaker.
DeadBandGroupie Yes, for 'more' cynical and depressing try
- '120 days of Sodom' by Donatien A. F. de Sade (Marquis)
- 'Our Lady of the Flowers' by Jean Genet

You must envision hell inside yourself to understand the nature of man!
Andrey Davydov Yes, but they tend to be later books. Naipaul is usually more depressing and similarly cynical ("In a Free State", "A Bend in the River"), as are various novels about drug addicts (Burroughs "Junky", Shiryanov "Nizshy pilotazh"). Bardamu sounds like a mixture between protagonists in drug novels and a French existentialist character.
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