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I've heard that, due to the scope of the book, maps are absolutely essential. Is it easier to read in Kindle format, or to have the actual book at hand?

Carlos Saldarriaga I agree 100% that you need the maps. I read it on kindle and it was difficult to follow until I started to pull up the battle maps on my smartphone.
Brett You can find the maps on the book's website and print them out full-size.
John Martin I have the actual book in hand, I have a Nook and a tablet and haven't
gotten used to that yet. I would venture to say that yes it would be
essential to have a map, but not absolute if your familiar with a bit of geography. A huge battle ground non- the- less.
Daniel You can also find battle maps on Wikipedia, for example in the Tunisian Campaign article. I don't know that maps are "absolutely" essential, unless you plan to re-fight all the battles on location, but humans invented maps for a reason. Interestingly, the book mentions problems in the actual battles that resulted from the lack of accurate maps.
Scott I read this with Kindle on my iPad, which links to all maps in the opening of the book, as well as displaying each map in their place from chapter to chapter. My iPad app displayed the maps on a page, and double tapping the map opened the image to full-screen size for easier reading. I could also 'pinch' the image to zoom in, though the map was legible on my screen as-is.

While I don't know if the maps are required to understand or enjoy the text, having a map reference certainly aids considerably in understanding the battlefield strategies and North African geography of countries and the Mediterranean. It's easy enough to peruse a map as it arises, then flip back to refer to it during passages describing the Allied and Axis forces' movement during battles. If seeing the maps helps readers visualize the war plans and progress, so much the better for having them. But the author's text is also quite clear in describing what happens on the maps in battle sequences, too.
Matt Smith I didn't find that having maps was essential to enjoying this book. I read it on the Kindle app on my iPad and loved it. I don't recall if I used my iPad to look up maps while reading. If I did, I didn't do it much.
Patrick K Sullivan I agree that maps are essential. I had the paperback and still found Google maps extremely helpful.
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